Student Life Staff

Student Life Staff


Kara Busemeyer '22 Assistant Director of Fraternity/Sorority Life Office Phone: (812) 866-7073

Sara Crafton '04 Staff Counselor Office Phone: (812) 866-7074

Ashley Eden '17 Associate Director of Prevention and Leadership Office Phone: (812) 866-7078

Lindsay Faulstick '07 Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life and Leadership Office Phone: (812) 866-7079

Casey Heckler '00 Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator Office Phone: (812) 866-6740

Jim Hickerson '78 Director of Campus Safety Office Phone: (812) 866-6741

Theresa Hitchcock Director of Student Engagement Office Phone: (812) 866-7072

Wilda Knecht '17 Assistant Director of International Student Services Office Phone: (812) 866-7027

Catherine Knott Chaplain Office Phone: (812) 866-7087

Catherine Le Saux Director of Counseling Services Office Phone: (812) 866-7399

Dewain Lee Vice President and Dean of Student Life Office Phone: (812) 866-7075

Christy Ownbey Director of Health Services Office Phone: (812) 866-7082

Constance Pope Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs Office Phone: (812) 866-7025

Anna Stewart Health Services Assistant Office Phone: (812) 866-6101

DJ Walch Director of Co-Curricular Involvement and the Benjamin Templeton Scholars Program Office Phone: (812) 866-7076