Levett Career Center

Levett Career Center

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Enjoy the incredible feeling of finalizing your path at the Levett Career Center. Dig deep into personality assessments that reveal where you’re most likely to be successful. Your results will lead you to the coursework and co-curricular activities that, through your four years, will create a killer resume. Internships and research opportunities abound.

Whether your future plans include landing your dream job or getting into your top graduate school, visit the Career Center early in your college career to discover options you may have never previously considered.


Future Foundations timeline

FutureFoundations is here to ease you into a process of exploration that will ultimately span your entire time at Hanover. By connecting early with our staff, you will begin to ask important questions about your passions, preferences, and aspirations. By taking it one step at a time, you will find that the future is not as scary – or as far away – as you thought. 

FutureFoundations is a four-step process that occurs naturally during your years at Hanover. By participating in FutureFoundations you will develop career skills and knowledge that will prepare you for employment success at graduation and into the future.  Remember that whether it’s ten years or tomorrow, your future is right around the corner. Let us help you get there.

Hanover Connect

Connect with the Levett Career Center through the Hanover Connect app. Make appointments with the Career Center staff and register for their events. Students can also find employment opportunities on the app, whether for on-campus jobs, internships, or employment after graduation.

Levett Career Center Staff

Joyce Flanagan Director of the Health Sciences Program 812-866-7128 flanagan@hanover.edu

David Harden Director of Experiential Learning 812-866-7129 harden@hanover.edu

Margaret Krantz Senior Director of Career and Professional Development 812-866-7126 krantzm@hanover.edu

Jenny Moss '06 Executive Director of the Levett Career Center 812-866-7397 mossj@hanover.edu

Mary Phillips Levett Career Center Assistant 812-866-7127 phillipsm@hanover.edu

Therese Sutter Marketing and Communication Director 812-866-7137 suttert@hanover.edu