Student Life

In addition to being named one of the 20 most beautiful campuses in the country, Hanover is also one of the most comfortable places to be. Our current students describe it as a home away from home – big enough to always meet somebody new, small enough to see someone you know wherever you go.

With a coffee shopgymfour dining facilities60 social and academic organizations, an active Greek community, 650 wooded acres ready for you to explore, events and concerts, and planned excursions like white-water rafting, your weekends will be far from boring. Add in barbecues with your professors, cheering on your favorite Panthers team (check out our 20 sports teams), or simply kicking back and catching your favorite TV show in your residence hall lounge or playing a game in the Withrow Activities Center, and you have the full package.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your friends though, right? Let’s face it, you could be at the coolest place with the best amenities, but if you’re not with people you like, then what’s the point. We’ve got that covered too!

We’ve always felt that much of the real learning that takes place in college is what happens outside the classroom. It comes from meeting with your professor for coffee, to the 3 a.m. conversations you have with your friends in your residence hall, to the project you chose over May Term, or the creative ideas you have while listening to music while on a run. This learning, well, it happens on your terms. It’s unpredictable and it’s exciting.

Meet Madison, our campus neighbor

Hanover is located right next to the beautiful, historic town of Madison – a boutique community with artisans, restaurants and specialty shops. We’re also located 90 minutes from Indianapolis, 75 minutes from Cincinnati, and 45 minutes from Louisville. Our Omnibus organizes excursions to these cities, which are largely free to attend.