Summer Academy

Summer Academy

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College Life Starts Now! Dive into Hanover’s Summer Academy

Have you ever wanted to experience the college life early? Join us from June 9-14, 2024 to get a head start on college, learn from Hanover’s renowned professors, and expand your interests and knowledge.

Summer Academy Mission

The mission of Summer Academy is to foster curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills in young people by collaborating with community stakeholders and educators, as well as by offering academically-rich programming in an immersive residential experience.  

Extra perk! Students who enroll at Hanover will have the cost of the program deducted from their first year of tuition ($800).

Who should apply, and what’s the deadline?

Students who will be in high school during the 2024-25 school year are invited to submit an online application. Applications must be submitted by April 1, 2024 to be considered for candidacy.

How do I apply?

You’ll find nine institutes below to choose from. Simply select the one that is most appealing to you and complete the form. Each institute has a limited number of spots, so applying early is encouraged!


Additional Resources

Indiana students: Scholarships are available to 21st Century Scholars, Free or Reduced Lunch recipients, or first-generation college students! Scholarship applications due May 1, 2024.

Cancellations after May 1 will not be refunded the deposit amount.

Summer Academies 2024

So You Want To Be a TEACHER!

You know what it’s like to be a student, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a teacher? This institute gives you the chance to find out! 

Put yourself to the test by drawing up lesson designs and managing a classroom, learn about different types of schools, and engage children in learning environments. Most exciting, you will have the opportunity to prepare lessons from start to finish and get hands-on experience teaching local children!

Experience various aspects of a teacher preparation program, and enhance your understanding of the process of becoming a teacher.

Health Sciences Institute

Get a jump on your passion for making a meaningful difference in a career field in high demand — not only in Indiana, but across the nation.

During the Health Science institute, you’ll work directly with professors in labs and learn about being a pre-health student at Hanover. In the process, you’ll gain preparation for career paths like nursing, medicine, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

You’ll experience working with health professionals, like pharmacists and physician assistants, who will share real-life patient stories and teach hands-on skills in delivering patient care.

You’ll leave with an exceptional idea of which health professions would best fit you, what college paths will get you there, and what factors impact the health and well-being of people in your community.

The Health Science Summer Academy is delivered in partnership with the East Indiana Area Health Education Center.

Environmental Science Institute

Spend a week exploring the ecology of Southeastern Indiana with Biology professors Darrin Rubino (Botanist) and Brian Gall (Zoologist). Carved by the ice ages, with rolling hills, forested bluffs, dramatic ravines, and the Ohio River Valley, Southeastern Indiana is one of the state’s most biologically diverse and geologically interesting areas.

You will assess the environmental quality of our local creeks and streams, investigate climate and disturbance using tree ring analysis, collect 400-million-year-old fossils, learn to identify local animals and plants, and have a great experience doing so in our state-of-the-art laboratories and outside on our hiking trails.

Using the tools of modern science to study the natural world, the week will culminate in a scholars’ symposium, where you’ll have the opportunity to display and present your findings.

Exploring Engineering

If engineering, math, and science are subjects you are most passionate about, this weeklong residential engineering camp is right up your alley.

You will explore the many fields of engineering, while also participating in many of the same hands-on activities that Hanover College students experience in engineering classes.

Work with Arduino microcomputers, build a solar water heater, practice soldering and testing an electronic circuit, and more. In addition, there will be engineering-related field trips during the week.

Civil War: A Nation Divided

This institute is for anyone with an interest in museum curatorship or archive work, a passion for history, or who simply wants to learn more about the Civil War.

The Civil War is the is one of the most dramatic periods in American history.  When eleven Southern states secede from the Union, a bloody and devastating war ensues, pitting brother against brother, and father against son. When the fighting ended, the Union was restored, and the great evil of slavery had been abolished, but at great cost.

In this institute, you will look at the Civil War through the lens of military, political, and social history. We will explore the roles played by political leaders, soldiers, slaves, and women through texts and videos. Hands-on activities will include a museum field trip, simulations of war through gaming, and a musket demonstration.

The Psychology of Popular Culture

Discover the power of popular culture, especially film, music, and television. We will consider why popular art really matters to people and how it may psychologically impact our daily lives.

We will consider topics like the emotional power of music and whether watching movies and TV influences human behavior. Students will have opportunities to explore aspects of popular culture that have been personally important to them.

Stagecraft and Wizardry: How art and science create the magic of theatre

Have you ever wondered “how” film and theatre create new and interesting worlds? How did they make that monster in that new horror series? What makes special effects so magical? Using an interdisciplinary and experiment-based approach, students will have the opportunity to explore one of the largest industries in the world: entertainment and theatrical technology.

Each day of this institute, we will cover a new discipline, ranging from topics such as conceptual design, props and costumes, scenic art, sound design and radio plays, and lighting technology. At the end of the week, students will perform a radio-play that showcases all the new skills learned.

Make the Code. Break the Code.

From the time of Caesar and the Roman Empire, the Enigma machine during WW2, and the systems that make the modern web possible today, Cryptography has been used to protect sensitive information from prying eyes. Take your first steps toward cyber-security by learning about the mathematics and computer science behind the cryptographic codes that make secure, encrypted communications possible.

Change Makers

Have you ever wanted to persuade your friends to consider a different point of view? Do you want to be a leader in bringing about justice in your local community? Have you imagined that the world can be different—and better—from the way it is now?

If so, come join us in exploring strategies for being a leader and a change maker! We will meet with guest speakers, go on field trips, engage in case studies, and have discussions—all to help you become a change maker in your community.

Whatever occupation you imagine for your future will be enhanced by the skills of being a change maker. We will help you develop the art of persuasion, strategies for making lasting change in your community, and a vision of what you think a “better world” would look like.

Summer Academy FAQs

General Schedule of Events

Coming soon.

Where will I be staying?

Students will stay in Lynn, Donner or Ide Hall.

What should I bring?

Coming soon.

Where/when should I arrive?

Coming soon.

When does camp end?

Friday, June 14. Pickup is at the Science Center (13 on Campus Map)

If you have questions, contact:

Rene Cox, Youth Program Coordinator:, (812) 866-7028