Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

Academic / Pre-Professional


The American Chemical Society wants to express to students that Chemistry is enjoyable, and in everyday life. We also strive to introduce students to the professional world of Chemistry, and the opportunities that are open to students.


Founded in 1922, Tri-Beta is dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research for undergraduates. Chapters across the country plan academic and recreational activities that complement what is done in the classroom. Tri-Beta also supports student research by organizing regional and national meetings, funding a grants program, and publishing results of undergraduate biology research in its journal, BIOS. Hanover’s own Mu Xi chapter is active on campus in planning retreats, campus events, and bringing in speakers, for both members and the rest of the campus community to enjoy.


We are the student leaders of Hanover’s Business Scholars Program. We work hand in hand with faculty, organizations and most importantly our fellow scholars to make our Business Program the best it can be.

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The Geology Club is open to all students and endeavors to promote understanding of geological topics through activities such as hiking, camping, and backpacking in unique and interesting areas. The club is closely associated with the Geology Department, and its professors as well as majors provide ample reference for club excursions. Last year, the club held our annual cookout, explored New York and Pennsylvania canyons and collected fossils, and spent Spring Break in Death Valley National Park day hiking through millions of years of geological history and experiencing the natural beauty of the area.


ISEA on Hanover College’s campus is the local chapter of the state ISTA and national NEA organizations. Our purpose is to “…develop in the pre-professional educators of Indiana an understanding of the education profession, to provide for a united student voice in matters concerning our profession, to influence the conditions under which prospective educators are prepared, to advance the interest and welfare of students preparing for a career in education, to promote and protect human and civil rights, and to stimulate the highest ideals of professional ethics, standards, and attitudes.”

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The Math Club is an organization that acts as a gathering place for students interested in mathematics. Anyone with an interest in mathematics, regardless of major or minor is encouraged to join. Past activities of the Math Club have included a showing of the movie “The Pi vs E debate” as well as a talk on mathematics courses in Australia. Future plans for the club include organizing gatherings/cookouts as well as talks related to mathematics.


The purpose of this organization is to promote interest, investigation, and achievement in psychology both on the campus of Hanover College and in its surrounding communities. Furthermore, this organization seeks to provide quality programming dedicated to sincere exploration of psychological issues for all students at Hanover College. The club is open to anyone with an interest in what makes humans tick! Events include movie nights, social outings, annual t-shirt, and much more.


(Sigma Iota Lambda) Pre Law Club is an organization that helps students to learn more about the field of law and the possible career opportunities that are available. We have speakers come in such as judges, lawyers, and law students. We also take trips to law schools. We have panel discussions involving several Hanover alums that work in the legal field, and they discuss their experiences. The club is to aid students who think they might want to pursue a law career, students who just have a special interest in law or students who know they want to go into law and seek to learn more about how to get into law school and what field(s) to go into.


(SBA) The Student Broadcast Association creates programs to run on the campus channel. SBA projects range from covering campus events to producing short films. Membership in SBA provides students with access to campus television facilities and equipment, as well as opportunities for hands-on learning, as students take on the roles of videographers, directors, producers, and talent. This organization was established for students, regardless of major, who are interested in learning about the process of video production and gaining experience in the field. Our first meeting will be sometime during the first month of school and the events we have planned this year will be a wide variety of tapings including sport events, musical events, and faculty forums.

Foreign Language


The purpose of the Hanover College German Club is to spread German culture on campus and to better the understanding of students who wish to be involved in the culture and language of German-speaking countries through various cultural events and celebrations.


The Spanish Club is designed to encourage students to pursue a greater appreciation for and interest in the Spanish language and culture. Our goal is to ultimately lead students to improve Spanish-speaking skills and promote cultural awareness by reaching out to the local and global Hispanic community through experiences that reach beyond the classroom. Because of this, all students of Hanover College are invited to participate, regardless of their level or status of enrollment in language courses.



(IFC) IFC is the governing body for fraternities on Hanover’s campus. It is composed of a seven member executive board, and advisor and two representatives from each Greek house. We are in charge of recruitment and all Greek activities, (for enjoyment and judicial purposes), planned to form a closer union between Greek fraternal organizations, to form a closer union with Hanover College administration, and to promote those goals common to the Greek fraternities.


The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the women’s Greek Chapters at Hanover College. It consists of 8 executive council members and 2 delegates from each chapter. Panhel is in charge of implementing programming that is educational both for the Greek and non-Greek community. The council hosts such events as Greek Week, Formal Recruitment, speakers, and recruitment events. The Panhellenic Council also coordinates the recruitment process and activities for the four Chapters. Its primary purpose is to help unite the women’s Chapters, to work with the men’s Chapters, and improve relations within the Greek Community and with the campus of Hanover College.


Student Senate, unlike any other organization on campus, has a great responsibility to listen, represent, and address the needs of its constituents while acting as the central liaison between the student body and Hanover’s faculty, administration, and staff. With dedicated members representing all facets of our student culture, Senate “partners with faculty members, administrators, Student Life staff, and Campus Security staff to solve problems of student culture, to integrate academic and living environments, to create a student civil society, and to build a principle-based community” (as stated in the Academic Vision Plan). Through open lines of communication, a shared vision, and an action plan that seeks to build bridges within our college community, Student Senate will apply our school’s Vision and Principles, and our goal is to fully represent students’ views and to make Hanover College a better place to learn and live. Student Senate is comprised of students who are committed to serving as student leaders, involved with collaborative top-level decision-making and seeking positive change for our campus community.

Honor Societies


The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to encourage superior academic achievement among students during their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living, to stress the need for service within a community, to continue a high standard of learning, and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society. Students must achieve a grade point average of 3.5 or higher at the end of the first semester of their first year at Hanover in order to be qualified for membership.

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Mortar Board is a National Senior Honor Society dedicated to scholarship, leadership, and service. Each year, 15-50 new members are selected by the vote of outgoing members of the society. Eligible students must be in the top 35% of their junior class or have a 3.0 (whichever is higher), and submit an application during the winter term of junior year. Membership in this honor society implies a high level of member activity toward achieving the organization’s stated ideals of scholarship, leadership and service. Other activities include service-oriented projects such as local “clean-ups,” book drives for local shelters, and blood drives for campus and community members. Other examples include writing letters to first-year and sophomore Dean’s List students, and organization of the Last Lecture Series each term, in which a professor (chosen by current members) is given the opportunity to present a lecture to students and the community as if it were his or her last.


Phi Sigma Iota is a national honor society aimed at sharing and enjoying foreign languages. Students are invited to join PSI by our advisor. Events we normally have include the International Students’ Reception and a yearly picnic.


Phi Alpha Theta is a club that celebrates the subject of history and seeks to educate and enlighten others about the subject’s merits through various insightful events.



Hanover College Leadership Programs, also known as Leadership Hanover, is a comprehensive leadership development program that includes leadership programming for the college years. Each year is dedicated to exploring different interests or topics of discussion essential for development from beginning of the college experience to graduation. Beginning with Leadership Challenge for first-year students, then Year2Pursue for sophomores, and culminating with the Real World 101 series specifically developed for our juniors and seniors, the three separate programs work to engage student leaders on topics pertinent to where you are and where you are going.

HC Leadership Challenge is a 9-week series of workshops in the first semester as a Hanover College student, designed to help students reach their potential as a student leader! Content is shaped around James M. Kouzes’s and Barry Z. Posner’s The Student Leadership Challenge: Five Practices for Exemplary Leaders (2008). Together, we’ll learn more about each student’s inherent leadership abilities and develop new ones as well.

Year2Pursue is a leadership program specifically designed for sophomore students. It consists of a series of presentations and workshops that focus on self-exploration, reflection and discernment, combating the “sophomore slump”, sophomore academic and career needs, and enhanced social/academic interactions.

Real World 101 is a series of monthly workshops designed to prepare juniors and seniors for life after Hanover! Each month is a different theme. From “Dress for Success” to “Cooking ABCs”, faculty and staff will share their expertise on how to survive and thrive after graduation.


(PA) The Peer advisor program is an essential component for the successful transition of new students each fall. The goal of the program is to connect each new student with a contact person from whom they can seek assistance. Peer advisors play an important role in helping first year students make a successful transition to Hanover College. A peer advisor leads a group of 10-12 new students throughout the fall term. Peer Advisors are selected through an application and interview process during winter term. If you are interested in applying here are a couple tips: get to know your faculty members – you’ll need a faculty recommendation, as well as a student recommendation, and be sure to keep your grades up, the application process has a minimum GPA requirement of 2.75.


(RA) The Resident Assistant is a para-professional staff position offered by the Office of Residence Life. The RA assists the Director in creating and maintaining an environment conducive to the educational, social, cultural, and personal development of each student. RAs carry-out the planning, coordination, and evaluation of residential programs. Major roles demonstrated are the following: educator, information source, policy-enforcer, campus resource and referral agent, community-builder, programmer, and leader. Rising sophomores through seniors are eligible to apply each year for open RA positions. The application and selection process takes place each winter term.


The Student Ambassadors represent Hanover College and the Office of Admission.



Kennings is an uncensored magazine which prints works by students, faculty, staff, and campus community members in general. The magazine, which is free of charge, is published annually and is distributed during Spring Term. During the year, the Editorial Board meets as needed to read and review all submissions and to vote for their inclusion in the magazine. All students are welcome and encouraged to submit their work and to join the Editorial Board. Kennings accepts written works (poetry and short prose) as well as two-dimensional art (photography, painting, prints, etc.). Each school year, we also sponsor at least two poetry readings, each of which is open to the entire campus.


The Triangle is the student newspaper of Hanover College. Come gain knowledge and experience of the journalism industry through reporting, photography, page design, editing and advertising.

Recreational Clubs


The Hanover College Archery Club is a recreational club focused on teaching and advancing Archery students of all skill levels. No prior experience is required, and you do not have to supply your own equipment! The Archery Club was given a grant by the Easton Foundation and USCA which gave us 15 KAP Pro-style recurve bows, target faces, over 100 arrows, and more, so while students can bring their own equipment, it is not required. The goal of the club is to advance our members’ knowledge of archery and to have an overall fun and enjoyable experience. Come out and see us today!


The Hanover College Ballroom Dance Association (HCBDA) is an organization designed to teach different styles of ballroom dance. Some of the dances include the waltz, tango, cha-cha, swing, foxtrot, and rumba. HCBDA also makes occasional excursions to outside dance studios in order to mingle with other dancers and learn additional steps. The Association also hosts occasional dance parties throughout the year. Meeting times will be announced at the beginning of each term.


The mission of HEFC is to bring the fitness community at Hanover College together. The group has an email set up to where you can contact everyone in the club at your convenience. For example, if you want to train for a marathon, but never have, email the group about training techniques. We are here to make Hanover a healthier place.


(TTC) The Table Top Club provides an arena where gamers can meet and do battle. Whether you are into war games, role playing games, collectable card games, or even good old-fashioned board games, the TTC can help you find others ready for a friendly game or brutal competition. In addition to providing a network of gamers on the campus, the TTC also holds events where anyone can come and learn about games they haven’t played before, or can gather for a long night of a favorite game against an old rival. Finally, the Table Top Club strives to provide you with whatever you’ll need for whatever table-top game you’d like to play. We’ve got dice, boards, cards, terrain, and most importantly, a sociable gaming environment.


Hanover College Ultimate Frisbee gives students the opportunity to play Ultimate Frisbee as part of a competitive club team. The group plays Frisbee together every day on campus, and also travels to other schools to compete in tournaments.


The purpose of the Hanover Rugby Club is to educate interested students in the sport and to promote general awareness of the sport on campus through a traveling Rugby team. We are always looking for new members and love to teach anyone who is interested how to play rugby. We host games and tournaments at Hanover as well as travel to other campuses to play. In addition to practices and games, we have team bonding events, meetings to watch films of past games, and an end-of-the-year banquet for all team members, friends and family.

Service Organizations


7th Grade Mentor Program pairs Southwestern 7th grade students with HC students for a 1:1 mentor relationship throughout the school year. The 7th graders will be brought to campus on Wednesday afternoons for 1.5 hour activity/interaction. Each semester there will be an open event for all SW 7th grade students to participate in, logistics have not been determined. HC students will need to complete an application for this program, and proceed through an interview and selection process.


The purpose of Adopt-A-Grandparent is to bring companionship to the elderly members of the community. Hanover College students are matched with a Thornton Terrace resident, with whom they will visit once a month. During our hour-long group visit, students engage in activities and conversation with their adopted grandparent. The monthly visits are the core focus of our organization, in which we aim to create an experience that engages both the resident and the student. Through meaningful interactions, their relationship has the potential to flourish and have a positive impact in both of their lives. Your hour will be something the resident looks forward to throughout the entire month. It only takes a minimal amount of time to have an extraordinary impact. Adopt-A-Grandparent’s mission is to help the elderly establish a sense of purpose and belonging. Many nursing home residents suffer from depression, loneliness, and feelings of hopelessness. It is hard for them to accept they will never be going home. If the members of Adopt-A-Grandparent can make them feel more at home, even if it is for an hour a month, then we are increasing their quality of life.


Best Buddies was created to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships. Each month, matches meet at least once on their own and once with the group. People with intellectual disabilities are often excluded from society because of their differences. Best Buddies is determined to end social isolation for people with intellectual disabilities by establishing meaningful, lasting one-to-one friendships with their non-disabled peers. These friendships help increase self-esteem, confidence and the abilities of people with and without intellectual disabilities. Some activities include: cooking, crafts, sports, games, painting ceramics, dances, and various learning experiences.


Circle K International (CKI) develops college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service. The motto of this club and of CKI is Live to Serve, Love to Serve.


College Mentors for Kids’ Hanover College Chapter has a mission is to connect Hanover students with elementary school students who need it most. It is our goal to inspire the youth in the Hanover community to attend college and see their future in a positive light. We meet every Tuesday from 3:00-5:00 for weekly activities centered around higher education, culture, and community service.


CAC collaborates with the campus, Greek houses, professors, and Jefferson County to raise funds for cancer research. We also intend to donate time and money to cancer victims and survivors by visiting the House of Hope in the coming years. Our annual Relay For Life is the focus of our organization. Join the fight!


The Community Stewardship Initiative is a service learning base philanthropic organizations that is dedicated to understanding the needs of the community and assisting with those needs in a mutually beneficial manner. We are dedicated to breaking down the”Hanover Bubble” stigma to integrate the Hanover College community with the Hanover community. We are dedicated to serving our local, regional and international neighbors.


EOS is an international service group focused on changing the lives of people that live in third world countries during Hanover College’s winter break.


Habitat for Humanity International Inc., a non-profit organization, is an ecumenical Christian housing group that works in partnership with those in need to improve their living conditions. Since 1994, the campus chapter has helped the Heart of Madison Habitat for Humanity Affiliate create eight new homes for families in need. We will also be building weekly, holding bake sales to raise money for our local chapter, helping with the Silent Auction dinner, which is held annually. In the past the Madison chapter raised over $20,000 through this event.


Hanover College Dance Marathon is a fundraising and awareness effort that works year-round to support Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Hanover College Dance Marathon is open to any student. The executive board and committees (fundraising, promotions, etc.) will work together year round to plan the marathon; students interested in participating in the day of celebration can register online to join in the fun. The only hospital in Indiana to provide treatment to any child, regardless of financial situation, Riley is committed to providing excellence in healthcare to all of Indiana’s children and providing hope to families who need it most. HCDM will fundraise year round, with efforts culminating in a day of celebration featuring bands, speakers from the hospital, food, games, and a line dance, all to celebrate the lives at Riley and the miracles we help to make happen. For the kids!


The purpose for Feminists of Hanover College is to bring women into full participation and equality in the mainstream of society, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men. This purpose includes, but is not limited to, equal rights and responsibilities in all aspects of citizenship, public service, employment, education, and family life, and it includes freedom from discrimination because of race, ethnicity or nationality, age, marital status, gender identity, sexual or affectionate orientation, or parenthood. The Feminists of Hanover College seek to serve as an advocacy group for equal rights focusing on women’s issues. We strive to promote an open environment; support for those in our academic community; inform, educate, and create social change; and promote diversity and equality in the Hanover College community and world.


LIGHT is a mentoring organization for the young women, twelve to eighteen, at Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility (MJCF). The purpose of this organization is to encourage the growth of community involvement programs at Hanover College, facilitate new possibilities for personal transformation for Hanover students, and offer guidance and support to MJCF residents.

LINK is an organization where college students are paired with local elementary students. Together, they attend monthly parties held by the LINK executive board and are encouraged to spend time together throughout the month. The college students are mentors and friends for the elementary kids who may need more attention and a good role model in their life.


PMAD gives students the opportunity to accumulate patient contact hours by volunteering their time at Kings Daughters Hospital in Madison. Students will volunteer their time at different departments of the hospital. At each meeting, students will rotate departments to ensure that everyone receives an equal amount of experience. Members will complete 4 hours each month by visiting patients that normally do not receive visitors, helping patients eat their meals, spending time volunteering in the ER, waiting rooms, gift shop, and more. Students will walk away from PMAD having been exposed to a hospital environment where they not only received a unique and beneficial experience but have also positively impacted others.

Sororities and Fraternities


Alpha Delta Pi was established May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan a Female College in Macon, GA. Alpha Delta Pi holds the distinction of being the first secret society in the world for college women. Since its founding, Alpha Delta Pi has offered collegiate members a wealth of opportunities for leadership, philanthropic work, close friendships, and academic enhancement. Today, there are over 170,000 initiated members of the sorority worldwide and 133 chapters throughout the United States and Canada.


Within the past 20 years, Chi Omegas have become key members within the Hanover College student body. These women pride themselves on their valuable contributions to all aspects of student life, and can be seen around campus as Resident Assistants, Peer Advisors, varsity athletes, Panhellenic Council officers, Student Senators, Members of LINK, Members of the Student Programming Board, Members of Christian Life and BASIC, Student Ambassadors, Writing Center tutors, Members of the Senior Committee, Teaching Assistants, as well as Mortar Board and other prestigious honor societies. However, Chi Omegas are not only active on campus, but also within the surrounding area. Chi Omega considers community service to be one of the most crucial aspects of Greek Life, and as a Chapter its members volunteered nearly 1,500 hours of their time during the last academic year. Not only do Chi Omegas fundraise for their national philanthropy, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, they can also be seen contributing to a wide range of service activities, including the local Headstart preschool, Habitat for Humanity, and Girls Inc. and the Hanover Nursing Home. The women of Chi Omega also enjoy the social aspect of their sorority within the past year Chi Omega has participated in the Lambda Chi Alpha Watermelon Bust, FIJI Island, and Sigma Chi Derby Days and also sponsored campus wide functions, such as the annual Back-to-School Luau, Chi Oahu. For its members, Chi Omega also holds both a semiformal and a formal dance. Finally, though Chi Omegas are involved in a wide breadth of campus wide activities, they are still dedicated to academics, and have remained as one of the top GPA ranking Greek organization on campus. In essence, these women have an outstanding reputation and a great rapport with both the students and the faculty of Hanover College.


Kappa Alpha Theta was the first Greek letter fraternity for women. In 1882 Nu Chapter was founded at Hanover College. Since Theta’s beginning at Hanover, the chapter has grown and is well respected on campus. Theta serves to promote social, moral, and intellectual growth in its members, and Thetas grow in many ways at Hanover. The women of Kappa Alpha Theta pride themselves in being involved in many campus activities. Kappa Alpha Theta takes pride in making our fraternity a campus and community organization. The international members of Kappa Alpha Theta support CASA as their philanthropy. CASA is a group of Court Appointed Special Advocates who work for the benefit and welfare of children around the nation. Throughout the school year, Thetas engage in fund-raising activities for this group. In addition to our philanthropy, Theta members contribute their time and efforts to the local community. Thetas also place importance on the academic performance of their members. We continually strive for high scholarship and have implemented new programs to help us achieve our goals. There is another side to Theta, which is the social aspect. Traditionally, Kappa Alpha Theta hosts a Rock the CASA dance at the beginning of the school year for the whole campus to enjoy. For our members, we also have dinner dates, a winter semi-formal, and a spring formal.


Take a look around Hanover’s beautiful campus and you’ll be sure to spot the women of Phi Mu. We are a chapter comprised of 70 unique, vibrant, and driven women. In the past year, we have received numerous awards from Hanover College including Excellence in Personal Growth, Excellence in Friendship, Excellence in Service, Excellence in Leadership Development, and Chapter Advisor of the Year. Our determination to succeed doesn’t stop there. 100% of our members are involved in at least one other organization on campus, striving to make Hanover’s community stronger day in and day out. Phi Mu also hosts several events throughout the year raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, our national philanthropy. In March 2015, at Hanover’s first Riley Dance Marathon, Phi Mu was recognized as the largest fundraising team, raising nearly $2,000 for Riley Hospital for Children through this one event. The first line of our creed is “to lend to those less fortunate a helping hand” and this is just one way we continue to put our values into action. Phi Mu Rho Chapter is also proud to announce that Phi Mu’s National President, Beth Monnin, is a Rho Chapter alumna. Overall, Phi Mu’s 102 year old legacy on Hanover’s campus continues to make a positive impact on each member, the campus and Phi Mu nationally.


Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity is one of the largest men’s general fraternities in North America. Founded in 1909 at Boston University, it has more than 227,000 initiated members and has held subsidiaries at more than 300 universities. Designed to prepare its members to be leaders for the world in which they live, Lambda Chi Alpha has a mission to inspire the highest level of character, values, scholarship and service in each of its members. Lambda Chi Alpha serves to compliment higher education by providing opportunities for academic achievement, leadership development, and lifelong friendship. On Hanover’s campus, the members of Lambda Chi Alpha participate in a variety of activities from Student Senate, SPB, varsity athletics, Peer Advisors, Ambassadors, and music and choral groups. Every year, Lambda Chi Alpha participates in the fraternity’s North American food Drive that raises hundreds of thousands of pounds of food for the needy. Also, Hanover’s chapter hosts a wiffleball tournament during spring term that raises money for the Salvation Army as well as provides entertainment for the entire campus.


Today, Phi Delta Theta is an international fraternity with more than 180 chapters. Among its most notable alumni are senators, governors, business leaders, astronauts, authors, athletes, college presidents, Supreme Court justices, and personalities in television, print, and the movie industry. The men of Phi Delta Theta include James Baker, Lou Gehrig, Neil Armstrong, Frank Lloyd Wright, Benjamin Harrison, Sam Nunn, Burt Reynolds, Tim Conway, Detlef Schrempf, and Hank Ketchum. Phi Delta Theta teaches men that the commitments outlined in the Fraternity’s Bond are not merely remote ideals, but areas of discipline for daily life. Phi Delts support, and in turn have the support of, their brothers in living these principles. Through The Bond of Phi Delta Theta, men with different backgrounds but similar ideals unite with a common purpose: to foster excellence in scholarship, leadership, individual growth, and involvement in community service. Indiana Epsilon is the Hanover College chapter of Phi Delta Theta and includes brothers from numerous cities in the tri-state area as well as around the nation. Brothers are ingrained in activities such as studies, varsity and intramural sports, and campus student organizations. Fifty-six brothers live in the biggest house on campus, which is being upgraded every day. Proud alum from Indiana Epsilon include Edward Whipple former President of the General Council of Phi Delta Theta.


Phi Gamma Delta is a fraternity with five main values: friendship, knowledge, service, morality, and excellence. We strive to live by these values and to grow individually, as well as an organization. Through service and philanthropy, Phi Gamma Delta reaches out to the community in order to help out in any way we can. Scholarship is our top priority, and we are focused on helping each member reach their full academic potential.


Since its founding in 1855, the Sigma Chi Fraternity has stood for the growth and development of personal abilities while never forgetting the spirit of true brotherhood. Since that time, Sigma Chi has striven to cultivate and maintain the high ideals of friendship, justice, and learning upon which it was founded. The Sigma Chi Fraternity has over 200 undergraduate chapters, which help alumni stay active in Sigma Chi’s life-long brotherhood. These undergraduate chapters raise nearly $150,000 each year for various charities. In addition, each year Sigma Chi awards over $100,000 in scholarship grants to deserving brothers in order to preserve the high ideal of learning. Sigma Chi’s are active campus leaders; they are members of the PA staff, Student Senate, college choir, band, campus honorary societies, theatre, tennis, and soccer. Chi chapter alumni include such public figures as J. Graham Brown, Woody Harrelson, and Jim Near (CEO for Wendy’s).

Special Interest Groups


Konnichiwa! We are an organization dedicated to learning and experiencing Japanese culture through animation. We meet every Wednesday from 8pm to 11pm in Classic Hall room 102 to view various anime series, such as Cowboy Bebop, Gravitation, and Excel Saga. In the Winter Term we host the Geek-a-Thon with other geeky clubs on campus, which is a day-long geek-out with video games, anime, karaoke and more in Classic Hall. During May term we attend an anime convention.


The purpose of the Hanover College Black Student Union (BSU) is to provide cultural, social, and political awareness within the Hanover College community regarding Black issues. The Black Student Union will work to incorporate all students in hopes that we can provide and develop education, special interest, and social programs that promote awareness to the greater community. This organization will always serve to promote self care, and in the spirit of love for one another, we aim to seek a better understanding of ourselves. The Black Student Union will seek justice and representation for our students in times of adversity. Pursuing equality and opportunity that enables the sustainability of our community is our mission. We promote, pursue, and provide; we are Hanover College’s Black Student Union.


The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for students to come together to meet, organize, and host events related to discussing business topics, entrepreneurship, both current, and past. This is a group of students linked together for the purpose of discussing business. This club will provide an opportunity for students with an interest in business to organize and hold meetings discussing business topics both past, present, and future. The organization also helps put on fund raisers and events to help benefit non-profit organizations of their choice, and raise awareness of the group to the campus community. This provides an opportunity for people with a passion for business to come together and enjoy one another companionship and help make a positive impact in the community.


The Campus Activities Board (CAB) works to provide a variety of social, recreational, cultural, educational, and service events of value for the Hanover College campus. We work to plan small scale events such as our Your Story series hosted on occasional weeknights at the Shoebox where school staff come to tell us their story as well as larger scale events like the Homecoming Eve Show (typically a concert). Our board consist of approximately 15 members with leadership opportunities within the board. For students looking to gain event planning experience of any type, CAB is a great place to start.


A student organization at Hanover College dedicated to implementing sustainable practices on campus as well as educating and serving the world through community service. Together we can create a greener campus and a greener world.

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Each residence hall has its own Hall Council. Hall Council is comprised of students who are elected or volunteer as representatives for their floor. Hall Councils meets approximately twice a month with the residence hall leadership (Ad or Senior RA) to discuss and plan upcoming programs or activities which the hall would enjoy doing in the future. The Hall Council also discusses any suggestions for items to be purchased that may improve the residence hall community, such as renovations or additional items that need to be purchased for the Hall. See your RA for details about your hall council.


The purpose of the Greenwood & Ogle Hall Councils are to promote a safe and secure environment that emphasizes individual responsibility, allowing for personal growth of residents. This shall be completed through daily involvement with residents and programming. Additionally, the GHC will act as the voice for the Greenwood & Ogle communities in regards to campus issues and self governance. Each suite/pod has a hall council representative that is to take meeting minutes and area issues to their suite/pod.


For years, International Club (also known as I-Club) has been a forum for giving Hanover College an international flavor. It is an organization that helps forward cultures from all over the world and is open to all Hanover students, faculty, and staff, not only the international students. The chief objective of the club is to encourage interaction between students of all nationalities, promoting internationalism and diversity on campus, giving them an opportunity to learn about and live with cultures that are new and different and encouraging personal growth and having a good time. Throughout the school year, I-club adds to the diversity of campus life by organizing educational and entertaining events. Events anticipated for the coming year are Taste of the World, World Food and Hunger Lecture Series and the Annual International Banquet that features a great evening, including a variety of international food cooked by the club members, entertainment from all around the world and a wonderful experience.


Kaleidoscope is an organization that is dedicated to encouraging and educating the Hanover College community about diversity through cross-cultural and multicultural programming. By hosting a very sizable array of events, kaleidoscope’s programs range from speakers to festivals; trying to cover as many interesting issues or interesting aspects of specific cultures as possible. With weekly meetings, Kaleidoscope attempts to focus on the news, the media, culture, customs, history, etc. in order to intellectually and without judgment be able to ask questions, present opinions or insights, and to grow as individuals. In coming together, in culturally changing times, Kaleidoscope will engage with the community with the goal of, not only individual growth, but as well as growth as a family. In doing so, Kaleidoscope will discuss and address the different challenges of multiple ethnicities and prejudices, not only within the surrounding community, but within America and the surrounding world. This can be examined by being a member or being on the executive board of Kaleidoscope and taking part in our numerous programs and/or by taking part of our weekly meetings. There is always a way to get involved in Kaleidoscope!

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The purpose of the Latino Student Union is to encourage the entire Hanover College campus and the surrounding community to advocate for the Latino community and to promote a sense of unity between the Latino population on campus through student involvement in social, academic, philanthropic, and political activities.


Love Out Loud is an advocacy group for equal rights focusing on LGBT(QSA) issues. We strive to promote an open and accepting environment, support for those in our academic community, inform, educate, create social change, and promote diversity in the Hanover College community and the community outside Hanover College.



Omnibus is a fully student-run organization offering students the opportunity to experience cultural, artistic, recreational, and educational events off campus. The group searches for activities via internet, mail, personal contacts, and previous events attended to develop a ballot that will be available to students for voting. Omnibus will then offer a final roster of events that students will have the opportunity to attend. Look for the ballot and roster to be published within the first few weeks of school. Events offered in the past have included whitewater rafting, Lion King, ski trip, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cincinnati Reds, Sleeping Beauty Ballet, and much more.


Our organization is dedicated to providing the student body, faculty, and staff of Hanover College with a means to discuss issues of non-violence. Our intent is to raise awareness of current events, to expose alternatives to violence at home and abroad, to educate individuals on the value of non-violence, and to inspire individuals to consider and incorporate these alternatives in their own lives when facing a situation in which conflict may arise.


The purpose of the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Club is to bring together those Hanover students, faculty, and staff who enjoy the genres and wish to share it with others. The club celebrates all forms of media from all time periods, from the proto-fantasy of myth to the newest Marvel movies, and everything in between. We believe that science-fiction and fantasy (and all other forms of speculative fiction) are an important part of today’s culture and have a strong influence on the way we think about and interact with the world around us. And, of course, we think they’re a lot of fun.


The senior committee is a group of 10 seniors chosen by their classmates. The most important and visual job of the senior committee is the organization and fund raising for the senior class gift. The other responsibilities include the organization of regular senior outings such as senior nights and a large senior get together towards the end of the year. Also, the committee is responsible for selecting a senior speaker for graduation and planning the alumni senior banquet. We also participate in the quarterly alumni association board of directors meetings. We meet weekly for 1-1.5 hours and discuss budget, fund raising, public relations, programming, and social service.


The Shoebox Board, comprised of students from the Business Scholars Program, oversees the student-run restaurant on campus, The Shoebox. The Board is responsible for providing an enjoyable atmosphere for students, faculty/staff, alumni, and nearby community of Hanover College. Board members gain real-life experience in operating and marketing a business, and work alongside other student organizations to put on events and promotions to create a casual, relaxing, and fun place to eat and hang out at on campus.


Sister-2-Sister is a special interest group which addresses the concerns of Multicultural women at Hanover College. Issues discussed include academics, career development, and standards of beauty, sexuality, relationships and self-esteem. This organization provides social and academic activities and a level of comfort for all women. Because Sister-2-Sister is designed to give its members a place to share their personal experiences with life, some things that may be confidential. Therefore, items discussed in meetings outside of regular organization business are kept confidential. Sister 2 Sister; a different kind of sisterhood!


The Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) is an organization that represents student-athletes on campus. Our mission is to be:

  1. A liaison between athletic teams, administration, campus boards, committees, faculty and staff.
  2. The voices of student-athletes and teams to relay concerns and issues for athletic teams to all of those mentioned above.
  3. The voice to help recognize outstanding academic and athletic performances by student-athletes.
  4. Marketing agents for athletic teams and all programs within the college and community.
  5. Involved in service projects.
  6. An example of leadership by being a positive influence to others on campus, in the community and during athletic contests.
  7. Principal leaders in promoting unity among all athletic teams.


Students for justice in Palestine is an organization looking to raise awareness on the Israeli/Palestinian issue as well as providing a platform on campus for students to discuss current social justice issues in a tolerant setting for all.

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Spiritual Life


Campus Crusade for Christ is a world wide organization that exists to help fulfill the Great Commission by winning, building, and sending in the Power of the Holy Spirit. On a more local level, Hanover College CRU seeks to establish a biblically based, Christ centered, campus-wide movement. CRU accomplishes these goals by offering Tuesday night services in the WAC every week, a monthly Sunday night worship service, and frequent social events and service projects throughout the year.


The purpose of CSO is to bring together and enrich the experience of Catholic students, and the student body as a whole by providing an opportunity to enrich our lives though faith, social, and community service events. Faith events include weekly Mass on campus, as well as providing rides to Mass in town. Social activities provide opportunities to gather informally, and include holiday parties and the annual Fish Fry. Finally, community service events include a long-term project in addition to any short-term opportunities that may arise that would allow the group to benefit the campus, as well as the Hanover-Madison area.


Delight seeks to establish a college women’s community that grows together, serves together, learns together, and does life together while chasing the heart of God. Delight is intentional about learning from one another through stories and experiences while potentially discovering or continuing to grow in relationships with Christ.Delight exists to be a place that any Hanover collegiate woman can grow in relationships with others, ask difficult questions, and find a strong community of Christians and non-Christians alike. Delight provides an opportunity for the women of Hanover to explore their faith in a nonjudgmental and open environment. In addition, Delight will provide a variety of service opportunities each semester in order to help engage the Hanover campus and the local community. Delight hopes to equip the women of Hanover to give back through these service and fundraising activities.


The Hanover College Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student-run organization dedicated to connecting students and the entire Hanover College community to others, while growing through a network of support in Christ. Through outreach events, weekly meetings, and a myriad of other activities, HCFCA wants to connect as many people to each other and most importantly grow relationships with Jesus Christ. Although our organization is athletically oriented, anyone and everyone (athlete or not) is encouraged to attend. Hope to see you join us! God Bless!


Come and join us for fun, learning, and spiritual growth! Enjoy guest speakers, retreats, fun weekend outings, holiday celebrations, fellowship and much, much more! We look forward to meeting you!


We provided services for students who otherwise would not be able to have their religious needs met. We maintained the prayer room with resources that were requested by the students. We have created an atmosphere that prompts students to find and build off the similarities of the faiths of their peers instead of allowing the Medias superficial barriers to affect each other. We also continued to have productive weekly meetings that pushed past the barriers that society has created through the Medias over exposure of the differences of the world’s faiths. ISA take students out to many places of faith and allows them to experience a day in the shoes of another. Shifting students outside their comfort zone, pushing their intellectual curiosity and answering any questions they may have on certain faiths. We have facilitated opportunities for students to understand faith past what can be taught in the Judeo-Christian bases of theology courses taught at Hanover.

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Visual & Performing Arts


The Art Club provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff members to engage in various art-related activities. Art club is a community organization that gives the Hanover College community a place to freely express their creativity and discover the corners of vast our imagination. We will be hosting fun events around campus to get the campus involved and to create a creative community of love and welcoming ideas.


For the dedicated vocalists, Chamber Choir helps to further develop their musicianship. Entrance is by audition only and participation in Concert Choir is mandatory. Most students in this select group of 12-16 singers study voice privately. Chamber Choir rehearses twice a week for an hour and a half. Early music is an integral part of the repertoire, as well as madrigals and mass settings, and contemporary selections. This ensemble performs 2-3 concerts per term and tours regionally, nationally, and internationally. Come share in the excitement of making music together! (1/4 credit; also available as non-credit option).


The Concert Choir provides an energetic, enjoyable atmosphere for all who love to sing. They rehearse three times a week for an hour while allowing students to express themselves through the arts. Concert Choir performs a wide range of music, from 20th century secular to large choral masterworks. They perform 1-2 concerts per term and tour regionally, nationally, and internationally. Take advantage of this great opportunity to get involved! (1/4 credit; also available as non-credit option).


The HC Dolls is Hanover’s dance team. We perform at halftime at athletic events to entertain and show our support of our fellow Panthers. We love to have fun, perform, and look good doing it!


Hanover College’s only Improv group. Our mission is to educate ourselves and Hanover’s campus about improv.


The Hanover College Concert Band is the core wind and percussion ensemble at Hanover College. This group is devoted to the preparation and performance of traditional and contemporary concert band literature. All woodwind, brass, and percussion players are welcome to join this ensemble. The Concert Band meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-4:50 p.m., and Thursdays 4:10-5:00 p.m. The Concert Band presents a concert at the end of each semester and provides music for select ceremonies on campus.


The Hanover College-Community Orchestra is devoted to the preparation and performance of traditional and recent orchestral repertoire. The current focus of the ensemble is on string orchestra literature. Seating auditions are held at the beginning of the Fall Semester. The College-Community Orchestra meets on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:50 p.m., and on Thursdays from 5:15 to 6:05 p.m. Community members join us for the rehearsals on Tuesday evenings.


The Hanover College Saxophone Ensemble is the current chamber music offering at the College. This group plays arrangements of both classical and popular music. All saxophone players, or any woodwind player who wishes to learn a secondary instrument, are welcome to join this special ensemble. The Saxophone Ensemble meets on Tuesdays from 4:10-5:30 p.m.


The Drum-Line Club is a student organization that performs at select campus events. The group is led by students, and Dr. Mruzek serves as the club advisor. Rehearsals are held in the evenings, as determined by student leadership. If you are interested in the Drum-Line Club, see one of the club leaders; they would be happy to have you as part of the group.


    • American Chemical Society
    • Beta Beta Beta: The Biology Club
    • Business Scholars Student Advisory Board
    • Geology Club
    • Indiana Student Education Association
    • Math Club (Delta Theta = Pi)
    • Psychology Club
    • Sigma Iota Lambda: Pre-Law Club
    • Student Broadcast Association
    • German Club
    • Spanish Club
    • Interfraternal Council
    • Panhellenic Council (Panhel)
    • Student Senate
    • Alpha Lambda Delta
    • Mortar Board
    • Phi Sigma Iota: International Foreign Language Honor Society
    • Pi Alpha Theta
    • Leadership for Life
      Peer Advisor
      Resident Assistant
    • Kennings – Artistic and Literary Magazine
    • Triangle
    • Archery Club
    • Hanover College Ballroom Dance Association
    • Hanover College Elite Fitness Club
    • Hanover College Table Top Club
    • Hanover College Ultimate Frisbee
    • Rugby Club
    • 7th Grade Mentors
    • Adopt-A-Grandparent
    • Best Buddies
    • Circle K
    • College Mentors For Kids
    • Colleges Against Cancer
    • Community Stewardship Initiative (CSI)
    • Earthwide Outreach by Students
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Hanover College Dance Marathon
    • Hanover College Feminists
    • L.I.G.H.T.
    • Love Is Needed by Kids (LINK)
    • Panthers Making a Difference
    • Alpha Delta Pi
    • Chi Omega
    • Kappa Alpha Theta
    • Phi Mu
    • Lambda Chi Alpha
    • Phi Delta Theta
    • Phi Gamma Delta
    • Sigma Chi
    • Anime Club
      Black Student Union
    • Business and Service Commission
    • Campus Activities Board
    • Green Panthers
    • Hall Councils
    • Hall Council for Greenwood & Ogle
    • Hanover Queens and Kings
    • International Club
    • Kaleidoscope
    • Latino Student Union
    • Love Out Loud
    • NAMI on Campus
    • OmniBus
    • People for Peace
    • SCI-FI and Fantasy Club
    • Senior Committee
    • Shoebox Board
    • Sister-2-Sister
    • Student Athletic Advisory Board
    • Students for Justice in Palestine
    • Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)
    • Catholic Student Organization (CSO)
    • Delight Ministries
    • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    • Hanover College Ministries
    • Interfaith Student Association
    • Art Club
    • Chamber Singers
    • Concert Choir
    • Dance Team: HC Dolls
    • Evil Petting Zoo
    • Hanover College-Community Orchestra
    • Hanover College Concert Band
    • Hanover College Saxophone Ensemble
    • Hanover College Drum-Line Club


In accordance with our student handbook, new organizations are welcome to apply for recognition and funding anytime in the academic year. All such organizations will be subject to review and approval from our Student Senate, the Student Life Office, and the President of the College.

Any student wishing to form a new student organization must obtain a Student Organization Registration Packet. After completion of this form, the student must submit to the Associate Director the following information:

  1. Constitution
  2. List of Current Members
  3. List of Current Officers
  4. Student Organization Registration Form, including an advisor’s signature
  5. Other information as requested by the Associate Director (i.e., meeting times)


Registration of your organization on an annual basis grants you the privilege of using Hanover College facilities in compliance with Hanover College policies. It also grants you the ability to apply for Student Activities Budgeting Committee (SABC) funds.