Spiritual Life

Getting involved in spiritual life at Hanover College means getting engaged with a vibrant, diverse, and supportive community. Our weekly interfaith chapel service, which takes place around the dinner table, is just the beginning of what you’ll find here. From study and discussion opportunities to service projects and retreats with your peers, there are lots of ways to explore, build, and live your faith. Here’s a look at just a few of the programs we offer.

Sojourn – First-year experience
Get together with fellow first-years for meals, retreats, social gatherings, study and support through your first semester of college. This is a great way to meet new friends and ask tough questions about faith and life – no question is too big, and every topic is fair game. Sojourn is for students of all faiths.

Interfaith Chapel – Dinner, discussion, and service
Our weekly interfaith chapel service is a casual gathering that features dinner, discussion, and prayer. Following dinner each week, we do a service project (like building a community garden, knitting hats and scarves for people in need, educating the campus community about fair trade, etc.). It’s a great opportunity to learn more about your own faith and those of your peers, discuss relevant and current topics in faith, social justice, and vocation, and serve the surrounding community in real and tangible ways.

Service-Learning Trips
Get engaged in your world through service-learning trips away from campus. It’s not just about the work – through the Chaplain’s Office programs you’ll also get the opportunity to become friends and neighbors with members of the communities we serve, taking time to listen and learn before we pick up our hammers and nails.

Vocational Mentoring
For the next four years, you’ll field a lot of questions about what you plan to do with your major after you graduate.  But there’s a lot more to your college experience than finding a job. College is about finding out who you are.  The vocational mentoring program pairs you with a faculty or staff mentor who walks with you through the four years of college and chats with you about the big questions. It’s not about finding a job, but about discerning a calling – that place where the world needs you most, where your gifts and skills and passions take off. 

Interfaith Prayer Room
Take time out of your busy day to pray, meditate, read scripture, or do yoga in a calm, quiet, space.  The Interfaith Prayer Room is open to all students, faculty, and staff, and it is maintained by the Interfaith Students Association. 

On-Campus Student Organizations

BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ)
Meets weekly for Bible study, worship, and fellowship. Sponsored by Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)
Meets weekly for student-led contemporary worship. Also hosts Bible studies and fellowship events.

CSO (Catholic Students Organization)
Coordinates weekly Mass on campus, which is led by the priest at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Madison.  CSO also hosts service and social events on campus.

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
Hosts regular Bible study and fellowship events on campus.

Interfaith Students Association
Promotes religious dialogue on campus through education and social events. Hosts worship events for students of all faiths and maintains the Interfaith Prayer Room.


Hanover College is affiliated the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).