At Hanover, geology students are used to getting their hands a little dirty. After attending small classes with lively discussions and working with state-of-the-art lab technology, they are likely to be found turning over specimens in the field – both close to campus and on the other side of the country. Most geology students study field methods in New Mexico and often travel to other exciting locations for studies or fun with the active  Geology Club. As a geologist, you can use your knowledge of the Earth’s history to address critical issues such as global warming, human population growth and  depletion of our natural resources.

Students in the field

Recent geology field studies have included:

  • Studying Precambrian rocks in Wisconsin and Missouri
  • Investigating Paleozoic rocks and fossils in Iowa
  • Analyzing Upper Mesozoic rocks and fossils in New Mexico
  • Examining the central Ohio River valley and the Oregon Cascade Range

The geology department also offers exciting opportunities for joint student-faculty research in paleontology, geomorphology, glacial geology and hydrogeology. Such research projects allow students to work side-by-side with professional experts.

What do geology majors study?

Hanover geology students choose from courses such as: 

  • Physical geology 
  • Geology of national parks and monuments 
  • Environmental geology 
  • Mineralogy 
  • Global environmental change 
  • Physical hydrogeology 
  • Geomorphology

Previous graduates' career and professional  placements have included:

The geology faculty is committed to providing excellent instruction and research mentorship. In addition to extensive field experience and expertise in computer applications to the earth and environmental sciences, they have extensive professional contacts in the academic and business worlds and regularly publish peer-reviewed research papers and abstracts.

  • Shrewsberry and Associates (Indiana)
  • GEM Engineering (Kentucky) 
  • Hanover Environmental Services (California)
  • Sequoia National Park (California)
  • Shield Environmental (Kentucky)
  • The Nature Conservancy (Florida)
  • Precision Well Logging (Texas)
  • Department of Natural Resources (Indiana)
  • Chevron Oil (Texas)

Graduate school placements have included:

  • University of Iowa
  • Miami (Ohio) University
  • University of Kentucky
  • Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Idaho State University
  • University of Akron
  • Michigan Technological University
  • Wichita State University    

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