International & Multicultural Mission

Hanover College has a strong commitment to our "Minority and International community" - this includes students and faculty who are foreign nationals, U.S. citizens who have international experience through work or family connections and U.S. nationals who identify themselves as global citizens. As a community, we take seriously the challenges associated with learning to work, live and create in a world that is wonderfully diverse and increasingly interdependent. The Office of Multicultural Affairs assumes an active role in helping students find ways to connect. Through a spectrum of learning experiences and educational services we seek to help create and sustain a campus environment where students not only respect themselves but an environment that engenders mutual respect among the study body across ethnic-racial, cultural, religious, gender, disability and sexual orientation lines. The OMA will seek to emphasize respect for diversity in all its forms, to create an inclusive campus environment and provide programming opportunities which will allow students to feel more comfortable with difference when they leave Hanover College, preparing them to thrive and succeed in the world of the 21st century.