Campus now features disc golf course

Frisbee golf on campus

Frisbee golf enthusiasts rejoice! After decades of students aiming at informal targets scattered around the Quad, Hanover’s campus now features an official nine-hole disc golf course.

Completed in mid-May, the par-31, 3,791-foot course weaves within the woods and open areas surrounding the YMCA, water tower, soccer field, observatory and softball diamond. The nine varying-distance holes begin adjacent to the Lynn Center for Fine Arts and end near the Shoebox. The course also includes a practice hole, located by the entrance to the Panther Athletic Complex.

Created by the Ultimate Frisbee Club (UFC), the project was funded by the organization and the Student Activities Budgeting Committee. With their four-event season erased by the COVID pandemic, UFC members elected to use their yearly budget to help offset the costs of the course. Funding, normally used for entry fees and travel expenses, provided the official baskets, tee boxes, signage, course maps and scorecards.

Hanover’s disc golf course, included on the UDisc app, is free to use.