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For International Students

For International Students


Choosing to study in the United States is a big decision, that’s why Hanover has committed to making it as easy as possible. Should you decide to study in the U.S., you might as well choose the best.

Not only has The Princeton Review named Hanover College one of the top 388 colleges in the U.S. (and previously among the Top 20 Most Beautiful Campuses in the nation), U.S. News and World Report ranks Hanover #112 for Liberal Arts Colleges, #82 for Top Performers on Social Mobility among 2,500 four-year colleges and universities in the country.

Hanover College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


Hanover College is located in Hanover, Indiana.


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Located just outside of Madison, Ind., Hanover College is home to about 1,000 students from across the United States and countries around the world.

As a private, undergraduate, liberal arts college, Hanover is dedicated to educating and empowering students. Through intensive exploration of core courses such as theology, philosophy, the sciences and mathematics, students gain the necessary skills to be successful in their future career and life. Life is all about choices, and we want you to have plenty.

Here at Hanover, 96 percent of all students live on campus right next door to nearly one-quarter of the faculty and staff. With small class sizes and an excellent student to faculty ratio, the faculty are there to assist you every step of the way. If you’re looking for a challenging learning environment in a community of over-achieving scholars, then look no further.

When it comes to international students on our campus, in 2022, our students represented 19 countries including: Bangladesh, Brazil, Ecuador, France, Ghana, India, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, Rwanda, Scotland, Spain, Syria and Turkey. Our international students are actively involved in organizations and lead in the classroom and athletic teams.

The College Tour

Hina Shono ’22, a double major in international studies and business, has been a great resource for Hanover’s international students. This cheery Tokyo native came to the mainland U.S. and discovered a calling to serve rural communities. Hanover’s welcoming campus community encourages togetherness and presents many opportunities and activities to share our commonalities and uniqueness.

Pablo Gallart ’22, a business major from Valencia, Spain, traveled more than 4,000 miles to continue his education and tennis career at Hanover College. Hanover’s campus community features students from all across the U.S. and around the globe. And it’s easy to make friends and be known. Students connect and get involved in so many ways at Hanover, whether it be through classes, meals, athletics and clubs or even campus jobs. You can find your niche at Hanover!


The Office of International Student Services works with international students through the recruitment and admission process, as well as when they are on-campus as active students with the requirements below.

Immigration Services
Keeping your visa current and valid is vitally important. Hanover’s Office of International Student Services assists with immigration advising, visa status and applications to visit other countries, current visa status and legal obligations as well as staying in the U.S. to work after graduation.

International Student Orientation
International first-year students typically arrive two weeks before school starts. The first week, Brave New World Week, is specifically dedicated to international students acclimating to the United States. The second week, August Experience, is Hanover’s orientation for all first-year students. International Student Orientation is designed to help provide additional time and exposure to life at Hanover as well help with important immigration regulations and procedures required of F-1 and J-1 students.

Living on campus is required all four years and provided on campus with a variety of options, such as traditional residence halls, apartments, duplexes and sororities or fraternities. Learn more about housing options.

International Pals (I-Pals)
International Pals (or I-Pals for short) assist in making sure your transition to college life is smooth. Each new international student is assigned one I-Pal. I-Pals are a select group of upperclassmen who are specifically trained in international student needs and are passionate about international cultures. They want to help you achieve both academic and personal success. They serve as a personal mentor to walk you through the college experience and assist you with cultural acclimation.

Haq Center
The Haq Center is Hanover’s dedicated space for students of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Whether you need a spot to hang out between classes or a place to study until the early morning, the Haq Center is a vital resource to the campus. The HAQ Center is centrally located in the James Brown Campus Center near the main dining hall.

International Club (I-Club)
Hanover is home to many clubs and organizations which serve as a great resource for on-campus involvement and new experiences. We are proud of Hanover’s International Club (I-Club), which is one of the biggest student organizations on campus. Throughout the year, I-Club sponsors numerous events, including Taste of the World, International Banquet, Asian New Year and Diwali.

Regional and Omnibus Trips
One common concern that international students have when studying in another country is culture shock. Every country and group of people has their own unique culture. You will want to become familiar with the language, cultural and social patterns, and the everyday lives of people who live there. At Hanover, the offices of International Student Services and Multicultural Affairs organize local and regional trips so you can explore different American cultures outside of Hanover. Transportation is provided for educational and recreational trips to Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati.

The Office of Student Life also organizes a program called Omnibus where students can attend professional sporting events, amusement parks, touring Broadway shows and other community activities for free or at a significantly-reduced cost. Students can reserve spaces on these trips on a first-come-first-served basis and are provided transportation to and from the venue as part of the package. Some examples of past trips include Cincinnati Reds baseball games, Pacers basketball games, Colts football games, The Lion King touring Broadway show, visits to Kentucky Kingdom amusement park, and ski trips at nearby slopes.


According to F-1 Visa regulations, international students may work on the premises of the school that issued the individuals I-20. Work hours are limited to part time, or 20 hours per week, when school is in session. F-1 students may work full time (40 hours per week) during holidays and scheduled non-academic breaks. Off campus employment is not permitted by an F-1 visa.


Want to know more? Request info & we will send you more information directly.



What’s required for admission? Learn how to apply to Hanover College or how to transfer from another US institution.


International students are required to purchase health insurance through Hanover College and live on-campus all four years. Transportation to and from the U.S. and visa fees are the student’s responsibility.

NEW for 2022: Students entering in 2022 will have their TUITION LOCKED for four years!

The total cost of attendance for upcoming academic year is below:

 FallWinter / SpringTotal
Hanover College Tuition$21,684$21,684$43,368
General Fees (Fees, Books, Course Materials, Laundry, Orientation)$1,065$1,065$2,130
Hanover College Room$3,549.50$3,549.50$7,099
Hanover College Board (Meals)$3,594$3,594$7,188
Total Estimated Billable Costs    $59,785
Insurance Estimate $1,250$1,250 $2,500
Total Cost of Attendance $31,142.50$31,142.50$62,285

We encourage families to consider other cost estimates associated with studying abroad. These costs include transportation to-and-from the United states, visa fees and other miscellaneous items are not billed by the College, and therefore not covered by financial aid.


Hanover College invests heavily in the future success of our students by offering a robust financial aid program. All admitted international students will receive a $32,000 USD scholarship, called the HAQ Scholarship, renewable for four years.

In addition to this investment in our students, Hanover also offers a four-year graduation guarantee to all students, promising students will graduate in four years (eight semesters), or tuition for a fifth year is free.

The Princeton Review has previously named Hanover College one of the nation’s top 50 “Best Value” private colleges, along with Princeton, Dartmouth, Duke and Stanford. Hanover College was chosen for our excellent academics, generous financial aid packages and relatively low costs of attendance.


International students are eligible to participate in a variety of payment options, including a ten-month payment plan. For more information, please contact our international admission counselor at international@hanover.edu.


Email all other questions to international@hanover.edu.