Hanover College extends its full tuition “Pell Promise” to all 50 states

"H" in the Hanover College gate

For several years, Hanover College has met the full tuition need for Indiana residents who are Pell eligible through its Indiana “Pell Promise.” Beginning with the incoming first-year class of 2022, Hanover is extending that “Pell Promise” to all 50 states to increase accessibility for students with financial need. Students must be admitted to Hanover College, file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 15 and qualify for the Federal Pell Grant. The award is renewable each year upon filing the FAFSA.

“Our commitment to delivering a transformative education on a residential campus has never been stronger,” said President Lake Lambert. “Families who are Pell-eligible will be able to send their students to Hanover for the cost of room and board, which significantly decreases their financial burden. We know Hanover College changes lives and we want to change as many lives as possible.”

Created in 1972, the Federal Pell Grant is the largest grant program offered to undergraduate students by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE). Pell Grants vary in amount based on a student’s expected family contribution, cost of attendance, status as a full-time or part-time student and attendance for a full academic year or less. Hanover College will receive the student’s Pell Grant and will make up any difference, so the eligible student pays no tuition.

“Hanover College is thrilled to expand the availability of our unique college experience to Pell-eligible families across the country beginning in fall of 2022,” said Peter Ashley, vice president for enrollment and marketing. “We have a strong focus on equity and accessibility, and this new program will remove a major barrier for many of our students.”

While the Pell Grant is based solely on financial need, Hanover students may also be eligible to apply for other types of financial aid, including merit-based scholarships, legacy awards, competitive scholarships and student loans. More than 99 percent of Hanover students receive some form of financial aid. Last year, the Hanover College provided more than $50 million in institutional aid to its students.

For current tuition costs and financial aid information, please visit our financial aid page.