Tankersley to explore Native Americans’ historical trauma

Through many generations, Native Americans have been exposed to a stream of negative stereotypes and false claims. This prolonged historical trauma has created internalized cultural oppression within the community and manifests in descendants as “cultural self-hate.”

Kenneth Barnett Tankersley, Ph.D., an associate professor in the departments of anthropology and geology at the University of Cincinnati, will address the impact of this historical trauma during an address on Hanover College’s campus. “Native Americans: The Invisible Underrepresented Minority,” will be held Thursday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m., in the Withrow Activities Center.

Note: The conversation will also be available through Zoom. Admission to attend the live or virtual presentation is free of charge. Face-coverings are required for attendees at the Withrow Activities Center.

An enrolled member of Alabama’s Piqua Tribe, Tankersley has served as a delegate for the National Academy of Science and the International Geology Congress, guest editor of Scientific American magazine and gubernatorial-appointed member of the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission. His research has appeared in more than 150 professional publications. He has also been featured in print and numerous television and radio programs, including the National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Animal Planet, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker magazine, Scientific American, and “All Things Considered.”

Tankersley, who received bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Cincinnati, also serves as curator at the John C. Court Archaeological Research Facility. He earned a doctoral degree at Indiana University and has conducted post-doctorate work at the Quaternary Studies Program of the Illinois State Museum and archaeological investigations across Eastern Siberia and the Western Hemisphere. 

Tankersley’s appearance is sponsored by Hanover’s Haq Center for Cross-Cultural Education, the Office of Alumni Relations and the Racial Justice and Equity Committee.