Gatherings for area residents created to help improve German-language skills

German language lessons

Area residents have an opportunity to enhance their German-language skills this fall through a unique Hanover College program.

The Hanover College Department of Modern Languages will provide free German classes for any interested members of the local communities, including students from kindergarten through high school. Area elementary, middle and high school teachers and staff are also encouraged to attend!

Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith

The series of five classes will be held, beginning Saturday, Oct. 21. Each of the classes will be taught by Hanover’s German students and held at locations within the community and on campus.

Oct. 21 – 4 p.m.          Analog Coffee, downtown Madison: Useful questions and answers

Oct. 28 – 5 p.m.          Café 1827 (Starbucks), Hanover campus: Youth language

Nov. 4 – 5 p.m.           Café 1827 (Starbucks), Hanover campus: Free time and hobbies

Nov. 9 – 6:30 p.m.      Red Roaster, downtown Madison: Ordering at cafés and restaurants

Nov. 18 – 4 p.m.         Analog Coffee, downtown Madison: Traditions throughout the year

For information, contact Alexis Smith, associate professor of German, at