Data science now offered as major

Date science

Beginning in fall 2023, Hanover College will offer an interdisciplinary major in data science through a structured combination of relevant coursework in mathematics and computer science.

Student and employer interest in data science has grown substantially in the past decade. As an increasing number of industries turn to analytical data to improve their businesses practices and decision-making, career opportunities in the field are projected to grow more than 30 percent in the next 5-8 years. This, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, places data science as the fastest area of occupational growth in mathematics-related careers.

“Data science combines technical expertise with critical thinking, creativity, communication and ethical considerations, competencies that are central in a liberal arts education,” said Carey Adams, Hanover’s provost and vice president for academic affairs. “This new program draws on existing strengths in our curriculum and will open new career paths and opportunities for Hanover graduates.”

Data scientists are professionals who turn data into useful, strategic information, so mathematical and statistical knowledge are important. However, the field goes well beyond math and stats. Students must also develop skills as business strategists, computer scientists and information technologists. The field demands effective collaboration and problem-solving abilities, proficiency with information analysis and writing computer code, and excellence in written, verbal and visual communication.

While studying data science, the College’s students will learn how to work with quantitative and qualitative data, ask interesting questions, evaluate claims, draw inferences and effectively communicate data-driven answers to real-world problems.

Hanover’s data science program has received full approval from the Higher Learning Commission.