Employees honored for service to campus

2023 Totten Award recipients

More than 50 members of the Hanover College faculty and staff were honored for their service to the campus community May 24 during an end-of-year event in the Withrow Activities Center.

The program featured acknowledgement of eight retiring employees and 44 service milestones. The event was highlighted by the presentation of the 2023 Stanley Totten Awards in recognition of outstanding service above and beyond normal job responsibilities. Started in 2007, the honor pays tribute to Totten, a retired professor of geology who has served Hanover as an educator and volunteer since 1962.

Recipients of the 2023 Totten Award include: Casey Roseberry Heckler ’00, associate dean of students and Title IX coordinator, Megan Hizey, senior campus safety officer, Molly Totten Jones ’86, associate athletic director, facilities coordinator and former women’s basketball coach, Andrew Pretorius, director of operations for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and John Todd, associate director of facilities.

Previous Totten Award recipients:

2022: Uschi Appelt, Pam Brown, Steve Graves, Chris Hitchcock ’97, Mary Phillips, Reiley Noe, J. Michael Raley, Bob Slade, Sue Fryback Tilley ’89, Lynn Todd, Kerry Volansky

2019: Steve Brown, Lindsay Rainey Faulstick ‘07, Aarik Gault, Steve Steiner

2018: Tony Carlton, Katie Linville, Jan Spry

2017: John Collins, Christian Hanson, David Harden, Patricia Lawrence

2016: Joe Lackner, Tony Osterman, Darrin Rubino

2015: Lori Hedges ‘06, Rick Lostutter, Dan Murphy ‘81

2014: Dominique Battles, Rhonda Burch, Miryam Criado, Dawn Houze, Debbie Kroger, Ed Walters, Chris Wilcox

2013: Darleen Connolly, Gus McQueary, Sara Patterson, Debbie Quinn, Pat Schuring, Sarah Vosmeier

2012: Caleb Gosnell ‘07, Lyn Lyon, Kay Stokes

2011: Kevin Brown, Carter Cloyd, Doug Denne, Ron Wells, Dave Collier

2010: Ken Bevis, Summer Hawkins, Betsy Milligan Johnson ‘70, Michael McMahon, Brian White

2009: Victoria Bramwell, John Jones, Celeste Hartman Sutter ‘85, Ruth Turner ‘73

2008: Terry Lewis, Josh Payne, Michelle Rubino, Nasrin Shahinpoor, Treva Shelton

2007: Erin Amerson, Celia Dollmeyer, Pat Dunn

Pictured above (l-r): John Todd, Casey Roseberry Heckler ’00, Megan Hizey, Molly Totten Jones ’86 and Andrew Pretorius