Edward Hall

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Edward Hall


– Organic Chemistry I and II
– Medicinal Chemistry
– Fermentation and Distillation Science

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Eddie has been a member of the Hanover College chemistry department since 2015. He obtained his Ph.D. from Indiana University studying new classes of antibiotics and designing fluorescent molecules in aid in the study of bacterial growth and development. His interest in these areas has continued at Hanover with undergraduate students aiding in related projects each school year. He stays busy with his family of four in Hanover and enjoys attending as many on-campus events with his students as possible.


organic chemistry, peptide synthesis, photocatalysis, organocatalysis, metal-organic frameworks, fermentation science, medicinal chemistry


B.S. in Chemistry, Ball State University

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Indiana University

Postdoctoral Researcher, Northwestern University


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Dr. Hall in the Classroom

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