Casey Heckler ’00, M.Ed.

Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
(812) 866-6740

Casey Heckler, Associate Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator

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Hometown: Charlestown, IN

What sort of things can students seek your help with? My main responsibilities center around Student Conduct, Sexual Assault Prevention & Education, and Fraternity Life Advising

What did you do prior to Hanover? I worked at the University of Louisville as a Graduate Hall Director

What do you love about Hanover / Why did you choose to work at Hanover? I love the beauty of Hanover College and I strongly support the mission of the institution. I continue to work at Hanover College because of the people. The campus community and the students are unlike any other. It has been a great community for me to have and raise my family.

What’s your favorite place on campus or in Madison? Sounds stereotypical, but I love The Point. There is something about looking out over the river that calms me and makes my problems seem small.

Who was your favorite professor here, and why? While I was not a Biology major, I always enjoyed taking classes from Dr. Bruyninckx. He was always such a passionate professor and I always enjoyed speaking with him.

Where have your (international) travels taken you, and what has been your favorite place? I have been to Mexico, the Bahamas and Aruba. The Bahamas have been my favorite because I was able to snorkel and visit the Queen’s Staircase with my children.

If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be – and why? I am itching to go to Italy and Ireland. I have always wanted to go to Ireland because my family is Irish. Italy is just on my bucket list as a place that I would love to visit to see visit that beautiful land.

What are some of your interests, and what sort of things keep you busy? I have two very active boys who play baseball and soccer. I love to watch them play, along with watching professional baseball and soccer and Steelers football. I love to read, run and be outside.

What’s your pump-up song? “Truth Hurts,” by Lizzo.

Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to do but never have? I always wanted to travel abroad. I did not take advantage of that opportunity as a student.

What’s something that your coworkers might not know about you? I tend to be an open book….

What advice would you give to students who are beginning their college careers? You will change your path. This is ok! You will come in with an idea of how things will be. You have to be flexible. Sometime the universe has different plans for you. Be open to it.

What’s your favorite way that you get to help/work with students? I love meeting and talking with students one on one. I like talking about what gets students excited and motivated. Working with students to make big decisions and assist in their growth. I also love to hear their stories: who are they and what makes them who they are.


B.A. in sociology, Hanover College (2000)

M.Ed., University of Louisville