D.J. Walch

Director of Co-Curricular Involvement and the Templeton Social Justice Leadership Program

(812) 866-7076

DJ Walch, Director of Co-Curricular Involvement, Director of the Benjamin Templeton Scholars Program

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Hometown: Wichita Falls, TX.

What are your most essential job functions, and what sort of things can students seek your help with? In general, I can help students start new clubs and find avenues to get involved on campus. My most essential job functions include student organization recognition, formation, and support; Student Senate advising; and upper-class non-Greek housing guidance.

What did you do prior to Hanover? I worked in Student Activities and Residence Life roles in Arkansas, Washington state, and California.

What do you love about Hanover? I really like working in places that encourage critical thinking. I appreciate liberal arts and liberally educated students.

What’s your favorite place on campus or in Madison? I like the Quad. The buildings are beautiful and it is a great place for students to come together for large events.

Where have your (international) travels taken you, and what has been your favorite place? Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and all over the US. My favorite vacation was when I went to Alaska.

If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be – and why? I would like to visit Japan. It looks beautiful and seems like there is an abundance of unique and interesting places to experience.

What are some of your interests, and what sort of things keep you busy? I really enjoy gaming as a hobby. This includes both video games and board gaming. I use this hobby as a means to stay connected with my friends from all over.

What’s your pump-up song? “Don’t Stop Me Now,” by Queen

Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to do but never have? I would like to visit all 50 states before I turn 50. I have hit 27 so far.

What’s something that your coworkers might not know about you? My blood type. I don’t know my own, so there’s no way they do!

What advice would you give to students who are beginning their college careers? Get involved and/or join a club. I have never been asked to do a math problem in a job interview, but I have been asked to talk about a time in which I worked on a project, encountered conflict, or lead a group. Student organizations are great ways to gain these experiences.

What’s your favorite way that you get to help/work with students? I really enjoy working with students as they start new groups and clubs. It is really neat to help others reach their goals or find their people.


B.A. in music, Texas Tech University

M.Ed. in higher education and student affairs, Texas Tech University