May Term

Have you ever taken a class where you wanted to learn more about the subject once the semester was over? With Hanover’s May term, you’ll have the unique opportunity to focus on your passion in just one course each May.

In many instances, you can take your curiosity on the road and study off campus. You'll spend the time applying your studies and research to the real world, alongside experts in their fields, and in the location that makes the most sense.

Recent & upcoming topics and locations

19th Century Art & Architecture
Paris, France

Tropical Biology

Business Leadership
New York City

Roman Italy
Rome, Pompeii

Applied Video Communication
London & Stratford

Turkish Economy & Culture
Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir

20th Century Ireland
Dublin, Galway, Derby

Shakespeare in England
Stratford & London

National Parks
Grand Canyon

Field Study at Ghost Ranch
New Mexico

German Conversation
Ansbach, Berlin, München, etc

Math History

Ancient Temples in China

Spanish Conversation

Spanish Conversation

Early Christianity in Italy
Ravenna, Rome

Drawing Abroad
Berlin, German

Forensic Science
Washington, DC

Economics of the European Monetary Union
Brussels, Belgium

Labor Economics
Washington, DC

Florence in the Age of Dante & Petrarch
Florence, Rome, Italy

Politics & Society in Contemporary Africa
South Africa

Cultural Adaptation of Native Americans
New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado

French Conversation
Cannes, France