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Hanover College and the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) participate in an exchange program in which a specific number of UCLM students will come to Hanover for a semester of classes, and a similar number of Hanover students with demonstrated skill in Spanish will enroll in classes at UCLM in Ciudad Real. Thus, the number of participants is limited by the agreement between the two schools, and by the fact that participating students must demonstrate their interest in Spanish studies and come prepared to use Spanish as their primary language of communication both in- and outside the classroom.

UCLM is part of the multi-campus university system in the central region of Spain. Established in 1985, UCLM has recently moved to a brand-new campus that serves approximately 12,000 students, both undergraduate and graduate. Among other academic disciplines, the campus in Ciudad Real is home to the Department of Modern Languages and the Department of Hispanic Languages in its School of Letters. Faculty in these departments will be the primary advisors and instructors for the Hanover students who study in Ciudad Real, while the program advisor of this exchange is a professor of English. There are advantages for both parties to this exchange. Hanover students take advantage of this opportunity for intellectual growth, especially in refinement of language skills and expanding cultural understanding.

Through the immersion in their studies at UCLM and life in Ciudad Real, students will experience different learning and cultural environments and situations. Hanover students will experience a very positive impact upon their language skills and cultural understanding. They will study in classes given in Spanish, since most of the students are Spanish, and native Spanish professors teach the classes. This is an exceptional opportunity for students to perfect their language skills.

Most of the classes in which Hanover students will enroll will count toward a major or minor in Spanish: Spanish language, literature, geography, history, civilization, culture, art history, and even methodology for teaching a second language. Some students may also use their time in Ciudad Real to select and begin to research a senior thesis topic. They will also gain experience and insight in cultural understanding, daily living skills, and customs. Since the program is designed to operate on a modest scale, students are assured personal attention, guidance, and assistance from the program coordinators and other staff in the respective institutions.

Hanover students will be screened by the members of the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at Hanover, and also by UCLM faculty. Each student’s preliminary academic schedule depends on the assessment of his or her Spanish competence at Hanover; once completed, the student must meet with his or her advisor to determine in which courses to enroll. The second screening, conducted by UCLM faculty after the student’s arrival in Spain, will confirm the student’s academic schedule.

Because of the nature of the program, students are expected to be primarily interested in studying subjects related to Spanish culture and language, but may also pursue other interests, assuming these areas are approved by the Associate Dean and/or Registrar.


Ciudad Real is a city of approximately 65,000 and offers a unique environment for Hanover students. Its size offers a level of accessibility without overwhelming. In addition, Ciudad Real is relatively free from the cosmopolitan and international influences that have altered so many larger Spanish cities. Hanover is the first North American institution to establish a program with UCLM, which means that, for the foreseeable future, the community will not be host for a large number of North American students. This region is also not a major tourist site, affording the student a more purely Spanish immersion.


Ciudad Real is less than one hour by train from Madrid, and is also within easy reach of Toledo and other popular cities.


Hanover students are housed in a dormitory with Spanish students. They eat meals there as well, getting ample opportunity to get to know their Spanish peers. The location is ideal as it is situated in the city center, the hub of activity in Ciudad Real, and just a 20 minute walk to classes.


UCLM’s academic year is slightly different from that of Hanover, which means that Hanover students may only study in Spain during Hanover’s combined Winter/Spring Terms.


The application process is initiated through the Spanish Department. The application procedure is necessarily lengthy, due to the requirements of international study and the need to maintain satisfactory progress toward graduation from Hanover. The application deadlines are strictly enforced. Students are urged to contact the Study Abroad Office for an Application for Off-Campus Study. Consult your academic advisors or the study abroad advisor early in your career, so that you can plan ahead. Studying off-campus for a term requires careful planning to ensure timely completion of the Liberal Arts Degree Requirements and major course requirements.


  • Obtain a passport and visa. See the Study Abroad Office for information on obtaining these documents.
  • Purchase an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The holder is eligible for basic medical, accident, and illness insurance, and gains a variety of discounts.
  • Be nominated by faculty in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, and demonstrate competence in Spanish to the Hanover Spanish faculty. See Dr. Dollmeyer for information on expected competence.


Faculty that have visited UCLM include Drs. Thornton.

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