The Arthur and Ilene Baynham Outstanding Teaching Award, established in 1969, is selected through a balloting of currently enrolled students and alumni from the past two graduating classes. To be eligible, a faculty member must be in at least the fourth year of teaching at the College. The winner receives a bronze medallion and a cash prize.

1969Harve Rawsonpsychology
1970Robert Bowershistory
1971John Yarnellemath
1972John Matthewstheology
1973Richard Conklinphysics
1974George Zirklepsychology
1975Paul Blumeeconomics
1976Robert Kellersociology
1977Jan Smuckerphilosophy
1978John Matthewstheology
1979Richard Conklinphysics
1980Harve Rawsonpsychology
1981William Dunhammath
1982James Maysillesbotany
1983Ray Websterphysical education
1984George Curtishistory
1985Larry Joe Mooreeconomics
1986Penny Dunhammath
1987Barbara Garveycommunication
1988Paul Blumeeconomics
1989George Curtishistory
1990Jan Smuckerphilosophy
1991Larry Thorntonhistory
1992John Thomasart
1993Marsha DuttonEnglish
1994George Curtishistory
1995Phil Barlowtheology
1996Cliff Fishereconomics
1997Kathy Barbour/Dee GoertzEnglish
1998Marsha DuttonEnglish
1999Kate Johnsonphilosophy
2000Nancy Hannapsychology
2001Phil Barlowtheology
2002Walter Bruyninckxbiology
2003David Buchmananthropology
2004Larry Thorntonhistory
2005Don Carrellphilosophy
2006Dave Casseltheology
2007Darrin Rubinobiology
2008Bill Bettlercommunication
2009Kathy BarbourEnglish
2010Don Carrellphilosophy
2011Jim Cronesociology
2012Darrin Rubinobiology
2013Bill Bettlercommunication
2014Larry Thorntonhistory
2015Kate Johnsonphilosophy
2016Michael Duffytheology
2017Glene Mynhardtbiology
2018Darrin Rubinobiology
2019Don Carrellphilosophy
2020Jared Batesphilosophy