We don't settle for the one-dimensional business degree offered at most colleges or universities. The Hanover Business Scholars Program combines the wide-reaching scope of the liberal arts with the traditional career-building skills you need to succeed in any field.

Today's employers are hiring grads that can hit the ground running with the following skills:

  • Broad-based education
  • Experience
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Professional demeanor

How it works


Choose your major
Select from any of our majors. You get to keep studying your passion.

Master the art of business
Next, you'll take BSP courses that give you transferable business knowledge and skills that employers seek.

Build your resume
Every Business Scholar completes a paid, project-based internship prior to their senior year. Prove that you are a self-starter and active in pursuing your passions by working in the field of your choice.

Get professional experience
Walk into an interview with the complete package; liberal arts thinking, business acumen, and a killer resume.

Read a student's perspective on the perks of the Business Scholars Program

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"I've supervised two Hanover Business Scholars. My experience was consistent, impactful and successful. I didn't have to worry about the things employers often find frustrating with some millennial employees, like not knowing how to problem-solve or communicate. My Hanover interns were smart, professional and quick learners. They brought incredible perspective - and not just from their age group, but from a larger world view."

Robin Miller, Executive Director, Main Street Association