Located on a beautiful limestone bluff overlooking the Ohio River, Hanover is the perfect place to study environmental science and the natural world. State-of-the-art labs and equipment are at your disposal.

Outside the classroom, opportunities abound. Explore our 500-acre nature preserve of forested ravines with hiking trails. Check out our Environmental Education Center, community garden, campus arboretum and Natural History Museum. You'll find active environmental science programs and many opportunities for involvement at Hanover. Environmental stewardship is a core value here, and you can make a difference while you're still in school with local service projects and green initiatives.

Learning about nature in the natural world

Hanover students seize opportunities to work and study at interesting nearby locations such as:

  • Clifty Falls State Park
  • Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge
  • Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge
  • Hardy Lake Raptor Rehabilitation Center

With travel programs and field trip opportunities, you can:

  • Hike the Grand Canyon
  • Snorkel on the coral reefs of Belize
  • Go electrofishing in the Ohio River
  • Travel to Australia

At Hanover, faculty will work with you to develop internships and study opportunities that will allow you to explore your special interests.


ENV 201
Environmental Science Seminar
An interdisciplinary seminar that will introduce students to the environmental sciences. Must first be taken by students in the freshman or sophomore year. May also be taken by students not enrolled in the Environmental Science Minor or Major. Pass/Fail only. 0.25 unit. Offered Winter Term only.
ENV 260
Special Topics
ENV 265
Global Environmental Change
Introduction to the influence of human civilization on Earth's environmental systems: describes the natural components of these systems andtheir interactions, places humans within these systems, details the affects of human activity, and suggests alternative human practices that lessen the severity of their impacts. Laboratories emphasize practical, project-based experience. Partially satisfies the SM/SL CCR and satisifies the S ACE. Lab fee.
ENV 360
Special Topics
ENV 401
Environmental Science Seminar
An interdisciplinary seminar that will serve as the culminating experience for seniors as they complete the Environmental Science Minor or Major. Students will make a presentation of their work related to the Environmental Science Minor. Must be taken in the senior year. Pass/Fail only. 0.25 unit. Offered Winter Term only.