Pre-Med / Pre-Health

Pre-Med / Pre-Health

Considering a career in medicine, dentistry, veterinary or pharmaceutical science? To achieve this challenging goal, you’ll need more than just the basic core curriculum of an undergraduate pre-med / pre-health program.

Planning and direction are critical elements of a quality pre-med / pre-health program, often overlooked at larger institutions. Hanover has constructed its pre-health program not only to provide a quality education, but also to keep you on track toward your ultimate career goal. We do this by helping you design and plan extra and co-curricular pursuits that will help you get in to the best professional schools.

Not all pre-health graduates begin their undergraduate career in this program. One of the many benefits of a liberal arts education is the chance to explore a variety of interests before declaring a major or enrolling in a pre-professional program. The solid groundwork built up until that moment is intended to aid you in not only identifying your talents and passions, but also to help you become familiar with the opportunities available in the areas that interest you. In the meantime, we’ll help you refine your fundamental critical thinking skills and study habits. Even if you decide not to pursue our pre-heath program, you’ll benefit from the ‘Hanover Advantage’ by:

  • working closely with a faculty advisor;
  • excellent facilities;
  • receiving guidance from faculty and Career Center staff when planning internships, research projects and your post-graduate agenda.

A significant complement to Hanover’s already-acclaimed academic standards, this close attention and guidance has helped give students from the Midwest an edge over those from other regional colleges when competing for a place in the top-ranked graduate programs.


Beyond the traditional careers in medicine, there are other health-related professions such as dentistry, physical and occupational therapy and veterinary medicine, just to name a few. These careers require a slightly different approach to education when planning your academic and co-curricular strategy. If you undertake the pre-health program, you’ll enjoy the same process of consulting with a faculty advisor, but the focus will be on different areas with more emphasis placed on exploring the numerous jobs available in those healthcare fields. This close attention from faculty can aid you in choosing the college electives appropriate for your career direction and build upon the pre-health program’s core curriculum.


Whatever your career goal, planning your education requires sound advice from experienced practitioners from within your chosen field. This is especially important if you’re planning a career in the medical field and want to investigate your educational options.


Once you commit to a career in a health-related field, Hanover’s HSP program offers many advantages that will help you become a more competitive candidate for graduate level or medical school study. Learn more about the Health Sciences Program.

  • Get one-on-one counseling that helps you choose a field of study
  • Meet current professionals through the alumni network speaker series
  • Get help preparing for standardized tests and grad school applications
  • Shadow professionals in a 10-week externship at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison, Ind.


Physician-scientists are a unique group of physicians who make discoveries that change lives by impacting diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Learn more about the Physician-Scientist Diversity Program.


When applying for admission to top graduate programs in the Midwest and other regions, you will find that your Hanover College degree carries significant weight. Well-known for excellence in developing superior analytic and writing skills in conjunction with high achievement characteristics, Hanover also has top-notch facilities: a human patient simulator and leading-edge science and anatomy labs.

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