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2022-23 SEASON

Black Comedy
by Peter Shaffer

Directed by Jennifer Schmidt

October 14, 15 | 7:30PM
October 16 | 2:00PM

When faced with the embarrassment of entertaining his fiancée’s wealthy art dealing father in his empty apartment, Brindsley Miller “borrows” the posh antique furnishings of his out-of- town neighbor. When the apartment building’s electricity goes out and his neighbor returns home early, Brindsley must get the furniture back to the right apartment before the power is restored and his fiancée’s father suspects anything. Praised as one of the best farces every written, critics have said its “possible to laugh yourself into a hernia” and that Black Comedy is “one of the funniest and most brilliant plays in the [English] language.”

BLINDNESS – An Immersive Audio Experience Based on the Novel by José Saramago Adapted by Simon Stephens

Directed by Gabriel Vanover

November 17, 18, 19 | 6:00PM and 8:00PM

Hanover College Theatre is the first group in the world to be given the rights to stage an original production of the international hit BLINDNESS, based on the Pulitzer-winning novel of the same name. When a mysterious illness causes a pandemic of blindness, the world is changed in a blink of an eye. Combining immersive audio technology with stunning lighting design, this production is nothing like you’ve ever seen—or heard—before.

[Because of content and language, BLINDNESS is not suitable for children. This production contains discussion of violence and assault, intense lighting effects, the use of strobe lights, and extensive periods of darkness.]

Playhouse Creatures
by April De Angelis

Directed by Jennifer Schmidt

February 17, 18 | 7:30PM
February 19 | 2:00PM

When King Charles II reclaims the throne in 1660, he grants permission for women to appear on English stages for the first time. Playhouse Creatures focuses on five of these actresses: their struggles and triumphs as artists and women in a time where it was challenging to be either. Praised for its careful balance of comedy and heart, it has been lauded international and produced throughout the world, including two successful runs at the Old Vic.

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by A.R. Gurney

Directed by Gabriel Vanover

March 31, April 1 | 7:30PM
April 2 | 2:00PM

When a down on his luck businessman, Greg, finds an abandoned dog in the park with nothing but a collar with the name Sylvia on it, he befriends the pooch and brings her home. The only problem— his wife loathes dogs! Torn between his two-legged and four-legged loves, Greg must decide between divorce or the pound. Named one of the top comedies of the last thirty years and described as “one of the most involving, beautiful, funny, touching and profound plays,” this heartwarming comedy will have you howling with laughter.

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[Because of language and adult humor, this production is not suitable for children.]

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