Academic Affairs Staff

Academic Affairs Staff

Academic Affairs Staff

Carey Adams Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Office Phone: (812) 866-7005

Dustin Bailey Associate Provost for Assessment, Associate Professor of Education, Head of Educator Preparation Office Phone: (812) 866-7392

Lori Hedges '06 AV Technician Office Phone: (812) 866-7352

Misty Jacobs Student Success Support Specialist Office Phone: (812) 866-6844

Katy Lowe Schneider '93 Associate Provost for Student Success Office Phone: (812) 866-6840

Eric Otten AV Technician Office Phone: (812) 866-7352

Deborah Quinn Laboratory Technician Office Phone: (812) 866-7245

Jan Spry Faculty Support Assistant FOB Office Phone: (812) 866-7356

Stephen Steiner Director of Science Center Office Phone: (812) 866-7255

Jennifer Sterk Administrative Coordinator for Academic Affairs Office Phone: (812) 866-7005

Cheryl Torline Education Student Services Coordinator/Teacher Licensing Advisor Office Phone: (812) 866-7390

Kerry Volansky Program Director for Physical Therapy and Professor of Physical Therapy (Clinical) Office Phone: (812) 866-7030

Katie Wood Director of the Gladish Center for Teaching and Learning Office Phone: (812) 866-6847

Levett Career Center Staff

Kim Brant '91 Director of Business Partnerships and Experiential Learning for Pathway Programs Office Phone: (812) 866-7293

David Collier Future Foundations Program Manager and Events Coordinator Office Phone: (812) 866-7336

Joyce Flanagan Director of the Health Sciences Program Office Phone: (812) 866-7128

Shaina Hackbarth '16 Associate Director of Student Employment and Systems Office Phone: (812) 866-6884

David Harden Director of Experiential Learning Office Phone: (812) 866-7129

Margaret Krantz Senior Director of Career and Professional Development Office Phone: (812) 866-7126

Jenny Moss '06 Executive Director of the Levett Career Center Office Phone: (812) 866-7397

Mary Phillips Levett Career Center Assistant Office Phone: (812) 866-7127

Therese Sutter Marketing and Communication Director Office Phone: (812) 866-7137

Duggan Library Staff

Lisa Dean Library Circulation/ILL Assistant Office Phone: (812) 866-7176

Jennifer Duplaga Archives and Public Services Librarian Office Phone: (812) 866-7181

Michael Ellis Access Services/Reference Librarian/Interlibrary Loan Office Phone: (812) 866-7169

Alynza Henderson '01 Library Assistant Periodicals & Interlibrary Loans Office Phone: (812) 866-7162

Kelly Joyce Director of Duggan Library Office Phone: (812) 866-7160

Heather Loehr Coordinator of Information Services Office Phone: (812) 866-7170

Reiley Noe Reference Librarian/Instructional Technologist Office Phone: (812) 866-7166