International Student Services

International Student Services


Welcome to the Office of International Student Services! Attending college is one of the most significant experiences an international student can have, and Hanover College is an ideal place in which a student can do it.

At Hanover, you will have the unique opportunity to engage with international students and Americans alike. The friends you meet will become your family; and the experiences you have will broaden your horizons both geographically and culturally.

As an international student, you are an ambassador from your home country and represent a new perspective in the United States. Hanover College encourages you to share your background and culture by taking part in campus activities, participating in service projects and developing public speaking skills through communicating with peers.


The Office of Student Services is located within our Office of Student Life. This location allows for all student services to be handled in a one-stop-shop fashion. 

The Office of International Student Services provides a variety of educational resources, assistance, and guidance on the many needs of international students. Below are a few areas where students are assisted throughout the year by the Office of International Student Services: 

  • Immigration Services and Regulation 
  • Financial Services and Compliance 
  • Academic Guidance and Success Support Services 
  • Employment Authorizations and Compliance 
  • Campus Involvement and Experiences 
  • Airport Shuttled Services 

Current Students have access to an online Hub through MyHanover, our student portal, where information, recordings, applications, and presentations are available on demand for a multitude of student needs. 


At Hanover College, you have the opportunity to make a difference in all three levels of this community. You must be an active participant to represent yourself and home country well. Hanover’s small class sizes, close student-professor communication, and proximity to large cities like Indianapolis, Ind., Louisville, Ky., and Cincinnati, Ohio will help you positively influence the college, town of Hanover, and Madison as a whole.

Take advantage of all the opportunities to reveal your individual talents and experiences through classes, student organizations, residence hall life and campus events. Hanover will provide you exciting ways to achieve your goals and to influence our increasingly globalized world.



  • Students will develop cross-cultural competencies in their academic field and be aware of the impact global pressures have on local communities.
  • Students will learn intercultural skills locally which can be applied in broader, international settings.


  • Students will develop proficiency in other cultures (including language) and will build skills to integrate and apply concepts and practices across cognitive, affective, academic and cultural boundaries.


  • Students will interact with diverse people in the local and international communities to develop and hone transferrable intercultural skills through the application of academic theories and practical skills.


  • Students will become global citizens by giving to the local and international communities in which they live through service and volunteerism.


  • Students will learn to see ambiguity and difference as opportunities for learning when in multicultural settings.


Visa and Immigration Processes

Important Documents and Terminology 

  • Image 
  • Form I-20 
  • DS 1-60 
  • Visa 
  • Passport 


It is imperative that F-1 visa holding students carefully read though the regulations regarding their responsibility in maintaining their status. Hanover College offers several resources to help students know their obligations as well as in person support in educating students on their reporting responsibilities. 

A few major responsibilities to note: 

  • Make sure all travel documents are always up to date. 
  • Inform your DSO of any academic changes. 
  • Inform your DSO of any travel outside of the United States. 
  • Do not work without proper authorization. 

For a full list of student responsibilities to maintain their status, visit here

How to apply for a Visa: 

  1. Gain admission into a US university or college and accept admission offer 
  1. Receive a signed copy of the Form I-20 
  1. Pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee (be sure to print the payment confirmation) 
  1. Complete the online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160 
  1. Upload a photo meeting the photograph requirements 
  1. Pay the application fee 
  1. Schedule and attend an interview (if required) 

For a full list of requirements, documents, fees, and other information visit here

Fees and Resources 

  • For most up to date information about how to apply for an F-1 Visa please visit the Travel.State.Gov website. 
  • If you are applying for an F-1 Visa and have questions about how to pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee, visit here
  • To check Visa Wait Times based on city check here


Do I need to get a new visa if I am transferring? 

  • As long as your current visa is still valid then no. You will need an updated Form I-20 from the institution to which you’re transferring in order to travel within and outside of the US.

I need to renew my visa; can I do that from the United States? 

  • No. You cannot renew your visa while in the United States. It is advised to do so from your home country. In some cases you would be able to do it in another country but delays could be expected for non-resident requests. 

I need to renew my passport while studying, can I do that from the United States? 

  • Most countries are able to renew a passport through an consulate/embassy located in the United States for that country. Each country might have their own requirements for interviews or in person meetings. Be sure to check out the correct consulate/embassy website. 

My visa will expire when I am in the United States, do I need to renew it? 

  • If you are not planning any international travel, you are not required to renew your Visa while in the United States. You are required to have a valid passport and Form I-20. If you travel outside of the United States you would need a valid Visa to re-enter the US. 


The first step in the journey of studying at Hanover College is participating in our international student orientation. Referred to as Brave New World Week, our international student orientation week offers a variety of experiences from getting phone plans or bank accounts to understanding US cultures and academic expectations. Occurring 1 week prior to August Experience, which is the student orientation week for all incoming students, this calibrated orientation focuses on the needs of students coming from global backgrounds to ensure their success early on at Hanover College. 

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Hanover College Quad


There are many financial institutions in the United States, each with its own policies, procedures and charges. If you would like to open a bank account, it is important to shop around among financial institutions and choose the institution that fits your needs.

The most popular banks among international students in Hanover are First Financial Bank and German American Bank. During Orientation, the Office of International Student Services invites representatives from each institution on campus for a banking session.

We strongly encourage students to discuss their banking needs in person with bank representatives.


Make sure you have the following documents with you when you go to the banking session:

  • Passport
  • I-20 and I-94
  • Proof of address on campus
  • Copy of your Hanover College ID card

You cannot open a bank account without these documents.


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