Nora Miodrag ’22

Nora Miodrag stands in KIP lab with smile

She came to swim but stayed for the people.

Nora Miodrag ’22 says, “I initially came to Hanover to swim Division III but after I committed, I found a love for the people here and the professors. The people at Hanover make me feel like I am not just here to get a degree; I am here to grow as an individual and make friendships that will last me a lifetime. I also came here for the academic prowess that Hanover held. I wanted to go into a medical profession, and I knew Hanover would send me on the right track to get into that type of graduate school.”

She was able to set records and leave long-standing achievements before leaving the swim team for health reasons.

Miodrag keeps busy on campus while studying kinesiology and integrative physiology and art history. She works as a student ambassador in the Office of Admission, a student trainer with Athletic Training, and is active with the Health Sciences Program, College Mentors for Kids and Phi Mu Fraternity. However, this doesn’t keep her from spending time with her friends and spontaneous trips to Sonic for some time to refresh every week.

Nora Miodrag stands at computer in lab

Those moments with friends are what keeps Nora motivated. She says, “If it weren’t for my friends here who keep me on track to achieve my goals and help push me to my best, I wouldn’t be who I am today. My friends and peers keep me grounded in my education but also accept me for who I am. They push me to do things I thought weren’t possible.”

But Miodrag also gives credit to the relationships she has built with her professors: “I take time out of my day to just hang out with professors because they genuinely care about me as a person, I’m not just a number in their class. My chemistry and KIP professors motivate me every day. I know if I’m ever doubting my abilities on anything I’m worried about, I can walk into my professors’ offices and they always know the right thing to say. They inspire a deeper learning that I didn’t think I had inside of myself. My chemistry professor from last semester, Dr. Tim Cunningham, even found a genetic modification research paper and shared it with me because he knew of the curiosity his class sparked in me. Knowing my professors see a deeper knowledge in me that I didn’t even know about inspires me to be a better student every day. I wouldn’t trade the friendships and relationships with professors I made for anything else.”

As she works towards her degree and a career in physical therapy, Miodrag reminds us, “Every day is a moment of pride at Hanover, as cheesy as it sounds. Being a student here and excelling inside and outside of the classroom is something that I never thought I would be able to say. I was always worried that I would be tied down to studying every day, but Hanover makes it more than possible. Being involved as a KIP major, in a sorority, a leader, having a job towards my profession, and still being able to be myself every day makes me proud to say I am a Hanover Panther.”