Bradley Murray ’20

Bradley Murray stands in Fitzgibbon Recital Hall

Reflecting on the past four years, Bradley Murray ’20 tells us about finding a community, building his leadership skills on campus, and the people that have made the time inspiring.

A double major in political science and communication, he has found the community he was looking for: “I initially came to Hanover because I went to a really big high school and wanted a smaller college where I could get involved in a variety of different things that I liked. Ultimately, when it came to Hanover, I was offered the chance to play golf here and that was one of the deciding factors, along with the smaller classes, the ability to double major, as well as the scenery.”

He did not stop there: “I have gotten the chance to do so much with leadership that it has really transformed me.” Bradley has been a member of the men’s golf team, a brother of Sigma Chi Fraternity, a lead student ambassador, and the president of Evil Petting Zoo, Hanover’s “best and only” improvisational comedy group.

Bradley Murray stands in Fitzgibbon Recital Hall

Through these organizations, Bradley has planned trips to Chicago and comedy shows on campus, he has been to two national Sigma Chi leadership conferences (in Utah and Ohio), and after a back injury, he has remained on the golf team and assists with coaching as the team works towards winning the conference in May (stay tuned!).

“It is, for sure, the people that keep me here at Hanover,” he says. “I have really branched out to meet people from very different walks of life, and to watch how they’ve succeeded through some incredible adversity is amazing. College is a weird time, to say the least, as we’re all dealing with issues and problems we probably haven’t dealt with before. But seeing people around me deal with certain things and to overcome their problems is inspiring.”

As he looks toward graduation and a career in sports or political journalism, Bradley advises, “If you’re considering attending Hanover, the advice that I’d give you is don’t write it off because of its size. I’ve been here four years and I still don’t know everyone that’s come through, and that’s a great thing in my mind. I was a little worried I’d run out of people to meet, but that’s not the case…it’s a community of communities. There’s a bunch of different clubs and organizations on campus, but they all come together to make our campus what it is.”

Bradley ends by saying, “I’ve made a lot of great friends here, and it’s being with them that makes me the happiest. Whether that’s on the golf course, on the stage, or just randomly talking until 3 a.m. reminiscing on the old days of 2016 and 2017. It’s the people in my life and being with them that make me the happiest.”