A tribute to those who served and sacrificed on this Memorial Day

Hanover College World War I service flag

Since its founding, Hanoverians have served in the U.S. military through every major conflict around the globe. Students who walked these grounds have fought in the Civil War, World War I and World War II. Hanoverians have also seen action in Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. Many continue to serve.

Press Club’s World War I service flag (unveiled 1918)

While their service has carried immense importance to their families and hometowns, it has also not been lost among those in the campus community. The attention, admiration and compassion exhibited by Hanover students toward their classmates is evident in an example set by a campus relic that dates more than 100 years.

In 1917, the students of Hanover’s Press Club established a fund to help with the purchase of a flag to honor Hanoverians who served in the military during World War I. Donations were solicited from students and faculty members, eventually resulting in the creation of the Hanover College Service Flag.

The sizeable flag, which measures 14-feet, 8-inches by 9-feet, 3-inches, mimics the design of a Blue Star Service Flag and features a white field surrounded by a wide red border. Blue stars were placed on the white field to represent every Hanoverian who served during the war. A gold star was placed on top of a blue star after the death of a soldier. One side of the flag contains 115 blue stars. The other side holds 211 blue and gold stars.

The Hanover College Service Flag, which hung in the chapel of Old Classic Hall, was unveiled to the campus community in a ceremony March 8, 1918.

This treasured flag, now housed in Hanover’s Joseph Wood Evans Memorial Special Collections and Archives Center, signifies a lasting tribute to those who served our nation long ago. Today, the flag also provides a powerful reminder of the commitment and sacrifices made by all Hanoverians who have served and continue to serve.

On this Memorial Day, the Hanover campus community extends its respect and appreciation to honor those who have sacrificed in service to our nation.