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Video: CASHNet Authorized User Tutorial


Access the student accounts system by following the instructions below:

Please note: you will also have the opportunity to create Authorized User accounts for parents, spouses or anyone that needs to access your billing information. Authorized Users will only have access to view bills, make payments, setup payment plans, and view payment history on the student account. They do not have access to financial aid, grades or other online student information.

The Student Account Online will allow the student to:

  • View Current Balance
  • Make Payments
  • Enroll in a Payment Plan
  • Review Billing for the Current Term
  • Setup Text Message Alerts
  • Create Authorized User Accounts

Make Student Account Payment / CashNet
(authorized user account required)


Student Accounts

Student Account Refunds

Payment Plans / CashNet

Contact Michele Pennington in Student Accounts at 812-866-7041 or by email with any questions/concerns.


Students: before creating an Authorized User account, make sure you have a valid email address for each Authorized User.

Upon logging into CASHNet, you will need to navigate to the My Account page tab in order to setup an Authorized User.

  • In the Payers section, click on Send a Payer Invitation. Enter the payers name and email address.
  • You may enter a message that will be included with the email notification that is sent to your Authorized User.
  • Your Authorized User will receive an email notification from This message will include their username, temporary password and the website to access which is:
  • Your Authorized User will be prompted to enter their username and temporary password, then prompted to change the temporary password to a password of their choosing.
  • You may establish up to 99 Authorized Users.

Contact Michele Pennington in Student Accounts at 812-866-7041 or by email with any questions/concerns.


All students returning for the fall enrollment period are required to pay a $300 deposit by March 17, 2021. This deposit, paid by the March 17th deadline, assures that the student will (1) be able to register for Fall Term classes both on campus as well as with our affiliated programs off-campus (2) be able to reserve space in a residence hall, sorority or fraternity house for the academic year. This deposit is non-refundable after July 1.

Freshman deposits paid are non-refundable after May 1. All deposits will be applied toward academic fees. Make your online deposit.


Students who withdraw from school or drop courses affecting their bills, including overloads and music lessons, during an enrollment period will be granted adjustments of tuition and fees as follows:

Attendance of up to one week (student treated as no-show)100%
Attendance of any part of the second week80%
Week Three60%
Week Four40%
Week Five20%
Attendance of more than five weeks0%

Student Financial Services Staff

Heather Buhr '95 Director of Student Financial Services Office Phone: (812) 866-7029

Richard Nash Associate Director of Student Financial Services - Systems and Processing Office Phone: (812) 866-7091

Michele Pennington Associate Director of Student Financial Planning Office Phone: (812) 866-7041

Garnet Tipton Associate Director for Graduate Studies for DPT Office Phone: (812) 866-7105