Study Abroad

Hanover offers you the opportunity to travel to seven different countries worldwide including Australia, Turkey and Spain. You can study at a foreign university which offers programs approved for credit that can be applied toward your Hanover course requirements. Because there are no additional costs for tuition, you can take advantage of these life-changing study abroad programs every year. You can select from any one of the semester-long college study abroad programs at universities in these countries:

Each of the approved universities in these countries has an established relationship with Hanover College which enables the grades and course credits to transfer. However, with the right level of interest and dedication, you can work with the college's Study Abroad department to investigate and arrange a self-designed program through a different university of your choice.

Hanover's Study Abroad Program

  • Each program is semester-long, and involves the same course load as the campus-based semester.
  • You will be able to undertake their study abroad program anytime from the winter term of your sophomore year to the fall term of your junior year.
  • Courses can be selected to fulfill requirements for both your major and the liberal arts curriculum.
  • Humanities and social sciences classes are available at all seven universities.
  • Science courses are available through the programs in Australia, France, Germany and Turkey.
  • Courses taught in English are available in Turkey, Belgium and Australia.
  • The Germany, France, Mexico and Spain study abroad programs are taught in the national languages of the countries, and are considered 'immersion programs'. Foreign language competency testing is required for admittance into these universities.

Study Abroad Video

If you are interested in any of these programs, you can begin the application process through the Hanover College Study Abroad department. The staff there will advise you on which universities offer the appropriate classes for fulfilling any outstanding credit requirements. They will also work with you to ensure that the necessary arrangements for traveling out of the country are properly completed. Prospective students considering Hanover College for their future education may wish to contact the Study Abroad advisor, Ushi Appelt, for information about how to begin preparing for these immersion programs.