At Hanover, the study of a modern language is rooted in activities and readings that help students see the world with the perspective of another culture. You'll learn to use language as a tool that connects cultures, business and individuals.

Instead of learning only good spelling and grammar, you'll expand your cultural awareness through the study of civilization, culture and literature and become a global citizen. Since languages are best learned through immersion, all classes are taught entirely in French. You are encouraged to seize the many opportunities to interact in French in the community and abroad.

Study abroad

Eat, sleep and drink French for a full semester at Université François Rabelais de Tours in Tours, France. Short-term opportunities for language and culture study in France are also available during Spring Term.

On-campus immersion

A number of extracurricular activities provide opportunities for you to enrich your language and social experiences at Hanover. Table Francaise, held twice a month, provides students and faculty with the opportunity for French conversation over lunch. Members of Cercle Francais meet once a month in the Haq Center for conversation, food, and fun with friends and professors.

What do French majors study?

  • French language classes
  • French conversation and culture
  • French literature
  • And other topics that interest you, from French business to French cinema

Previous graduates' career and professional placements have included:

  • EuroDisney (Paris)
  • Secondary Language Teaching throughout the Midwest
  • Petits Freres des Pauvres (Paris)

Graduate school placements have included:

  • University of North Carolina
  • Katholieke Universiteit-Leuven
  • Brandeis School of Law
  • University of Louisville
  • College of William & Mary
  • New York University


FRE 115
Beginning French I
An introduction to basic modes of communication in the target language. Emphasis is on everyday language while developing speaking, listening, reading, and writing as well as introducing cultures of the target language.
FRE 116
Beginning French II
A continuation of French 115. Prerequisite: Fre 115 or placement into 116.
FRE 161
Francophone Multiculturalism
An examination of historical, political, artistic, literary, religious and social issues resulting from the exchanges between French culture and the non-western cultures (e.g. West African, North African, Caribbean, Asian, Arabic, Muslim, Buddhist) in its midst. May count toward major or minor if student has not taken Fre 222 or 311. Partially satisfies Modern Society LADR and satisfies Other Cultures LADR.
FRE 217
Intermediate French
Reinforcement and expansion of grammatical and phonological patterns. Emphasis given to development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills as well as to the study of cultures of the target language. Prerequisite: Fre 116 or placement into 217.
FRE 218
Advanced Intermediate French
Advanced study involving expansion and synthesis of knowledge and understanding of the target language and its cultures. Prerequisite: Fre 217 or placement into 218.
FRE 222
French Cinema
Taught in English, a survey course examining French cinema from its 19th century pioneers to the innovative New Wave directors of the 1950s to contemporary filmmakers. Students with French ability may choose to write papers in French. Does not count toward LADR sequence.
FRE 227
Off-Campus French Conversation
Conducted in a French-speaking country. Intensive work in oral expression, focusing on practical situations and contemporary issues by means of a variety of texts. Prerequisite: successful completion of 218 and permission of instructor. After taking Fre 227, Fre 228 cannot be taken for credit. Fre 227 may be repeated once for credit.
FRE 228
On-Campus French Conversation
Intensive work in oral expression, focusing on practical situations and contemporary issues, by means of a variety of texts. Prerequisite: successful completion of 218. Offered alternate years. May precede Fre 227, but may not be taken after Fre 227.
FRE 239
French Civ. & Culture before 1900
Examination of the social, geographic and political structures of early France, as well as general study of the country's history and artistic expression from the Gallo-Roman era through the 19th century.
FRE 240
Contemp. French Business & Culture
Examination of the political, economic, artistic and social structures of 20th and 21st-century France and their contribution to French business structure.
FRE 310
Studies in French Lit & Culture
A study of selected topics related to the literature and culture of France.
FRE 311
Studies in Francophone Lit & Cult
A study of selected topics related to the literatures and cultures of the Francophone world.
FRE 320
Introduction to French Literature
An introductory course on the three principal genres of French and Francophone literature - prose, theatre, and poetry -with emphasis on comprehension and literary/stylistic analysis. This course will prepare students for more extensive readings in advanced French literature courses.
FRE 332
17th and 18th Century French Lit.
A study of representative works of prose, poetry and theatre from the Baroque, Classical, Enlightenment and Pre-Romantic periods.
FRE 335
19th Century French Literature
A study of representative major works of prose, poetry, and theatre from the Romantic, Realist, Naturalist, and Symbolist periods.
FRE 336
20th Century French Literature
A study of representative major works of prose, poetry, and theatre from the Surrealist, Existentialist, and Absurdist movements. May also include representative works of non-European Francophone literatures.
FRE 423
French Middle Ages & 16th Cent
Emphasis on the medieval epic and romance and on Rabelais, Montaigne and representative poets of the French Renaissance.