One of the fastest growing industries with some of the highest paying jobs is healthcare.

But, getting into graduate school can be hard, and some of the jobs are highly competitive. With Hanover’s Health Sciences Program, you’ll get a leg up on your competition by engaging in real healthcare exposure. From performing a real knee replacement on a human cadaver to an externship at the local hospital to flying with a hospital air team, you’ll see what it’s really like. And, our advisors can help you identify and apply to grad school.

  • Get one-on-one counseling that helps you choose a field of study
  • Meet current professionals through our alumni network
  • Get help preparing for standardized tests and grad school applications
  • Shadow professionals in a 10-week externship at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison, Ind.

During your externship, you’ll perform a total knee replacement in the Hanover cadaver lab with Dr. Travis Clegg (Hanover class of 2002), fly with an Air Methods medical unit out of northern Kentucky and follow units in the ER, pediatrics, radiology and surgery.

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