At Hanover, the study of a modern language is rooted in activities and readings that will help you see the world with the perspective of another culture. You'll learn to use language as a tool that connects cultures, business and individuals.

Instead of only learning good spelling and grammar, you'll expand your cultural awareness through the study of civilization, culture, and literature and become a global citizen. Since languages are best learned through immersion, all classes are taught entirely in Spanish. You are encouraged to seize the many opportunities to interact in Spanish in the community and abroad.

Study abroad

Eat, sleep and drink Spanish for a full semester at La Universidad del Valle de Atemajac (UNIVA) in Guadalajara, Mexico, or La Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha in Ciudad Real, Spain. Short-term opportunities are available as well, as past students have used May Term to study in Alcala de Henares, Spain; Mérida, Mexico, and in Quito, Ecuador.

On-campus immersion

"I didn't anticipate that my decision to come to Hanover would help develop my interest in Spanish from a mere fascination into a passion for the language, cultures and people."

Amanda Lowell '06

A number of extracurricular activities provide opportunities for you to enrich your language and social experiences at Hanover. The faculty-sponsored Hora de Café, held every month in the Haq Center, is a chance for you to chat informally in Spanish. Members of el Club de Español enjoy dining, cooking, dancing, entertainment, and other events and activities from Spanish-speaking cultures.

Students also can put their language skills to use and lend a helping hand with La Casa Amiga, a Madison-based not-for-profit organization that provides volunteer support services for local Latino residents. Hanover student volunteers especially enjoy the participation in the bilingual story hour and ESL classes.

What do Spanish majors study?

  • Spanish language classes
  • Spanish conversation and culture
  • Spanish literature
  • And other topics that interest you, from film studies to Spanish-American literature to Spanish colonization

Previous graduates' career and professional placements have included:

  • Eastern Regional Director, Association of International Student Exchange (New York)
  • Program Coordinator, Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University (Indianapolis)
  • Correspondent Volunteer Administrator, Amigos de las Américas (NGO) (Houston)
  • Manager of Customer Service, ADS International (Santiago, Chile)
  • Fourth Grade ESL teacher, Washington Heights (New York City)

Graduate school placements have included:

  • Brandeis School of Law (University of Louisville)
  • College of William & Mary
  • New York University
  • University of Louisville
  • Indiana University Medical School


SPA 115
Beginning Spanish I
An introduction to basic modes of communication in the target language. Emphasis is on everyday language while developing speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as introducing culture(s) of the target language.
SPA 116
Beginning Spanish II
A continuation of Spanish 115. Prerequisite: Spa 115 or placement into 116.
SPA 217
Int. Spa. I: Spanish Speaking World
Students develop increasingly complex skills such as communicating in Spanish and understanding Spanish texts while studying and discussing social and cultural topics. Students study such essential dimensions of the Spanish speaking world as: geography and development, environmental challenges and solutions, population and demographic changes and challenges, ethnic diversity. Prerequisite: Spa 116 or placement into 217.
SPA 219
Int. Spa II: "Hispanics" in the U.S
Students examine the history of the Hispanic/Latino presence within the United States and the intercultural connection created by this diversity. Through a variety of readings they will mainly consider the unique histories of Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans and Puerto Ricans, and discuss the various formulations of identity for Hispanics/Latinos. As they strive to articulate the nature of cultural identity in the United States, they will explore the contributions of different ethnic groups as well as the challenges that cultural differences often provoke. Prerequisite: Spa 217 or placement into 219. Not open to students with prior credit in Spa 227 or 228. Satisfies Other Cultures LADR.
SPA 227
Off-Campus Spanish Conv. & Culture
An immersion experience in a Spanish-speaking country. Focus is on many aspects of the culture of the particular country and oral expression in order to facilitate daily life functions, greater intercultural understanding and effective interactions. Offered spring term. Prerequisite: Spa 219 or placement above 219 and permission of the instructor. May be repeated once for credit. After taking Spa 227, Spa 228 cannot be taken for credit.
SPA 228
On-Campus Convers.:Contemp Context
Intensive work in oral expression, focusing on practical situations and contemporary issues, by means of a variety of texts. Prerequisite: Spa 219 or placement above 219 or permission of the instructor. May precede Spa 227, but may not be taken after 227.
SPA 230
Spanish Culture & Civilization
Reading, discussion and presentation of the social, economic, geographic, and political structure of contemporary Spain, as well as a study of the country's history and artistic expression through the centuries. Prerequisite: Spa 227 or 228 or permission of instructor.
SPA 231
Spanish American Cult./Civil.
Reading, discussion and presentation of the social, economic, geographic, and political structure of contemporary Spanish America, as well as a study of the area's history and artistic expression through the centuries. Prerequisite: Spa 227 or 228 or permission of instructor.
SPA 319
Stylistics and Composition
An intensive study and written application of the intricate details of grammar necessary for advanced students. Prerequisite: Spa 227 or 228.
SPA 320
Intro to Literature in Spanish
An introduction to the literary genres of prose fiction, poetry, and drama, using as example readings from both Spanish and Spanish American literature. The student will learn the terminology used in discussion of the respective genres as well as critical methods of approach. Prerequisite: Spa 227, 228,230 or 231. Although only 1 of these courses is required, it is recommended that students take 2 of these courses before enrolling in 320 if at all possible.
SPA 321
Latin American Film
Advanced course in Spanish that provides a visual context to the study of culture, history and society of Latin America. Prerequisite: Spa 320. Counts toward Film Studies minor.
SPA 322
Reading Spanish Film
This course explores several cultural themes that are prevalent in Spain and in the world at large, such as women and gender, immigration, collective memory, modernity, and globalization. Spanish films are examined in connection with the social, political, and historical context. Prerequisite: Spa 320. Counts toward Film Studies minor.
SPA 327
Studies in the Cultures of Spain
A study of selected topics related to the cultures of Spain using cultural narratives present in a wide variety of expressive forms. Content may vary. May be repeated for credit with permission of instructor. Prerequisite: Spa 320.
SPA 328
Contemporary Spain
This course introduces students to contemporary Spanish history, politics, and culture through the analysis of a selection of texts. Prerequisite: Spa 320.
SPA 329
Women and Gender in Spain
This course introduces important female authors and artists from the Middle Ages to the 21st century from both within and outside the Spanish Canon, focusing especially on the authors' response to their political, social, and cultural context. Students will learn about Spanish culture and society through the lens of women's experiences and struggles for social justice. Prerequisite: Spa 320.
SPA 333
Dev. of Spanish-American Lit.
A study of the Spanish chroniclers of the period of discovery and conquest, selected works of the colonial period and representative writings of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
SPA 334
Themes Contemp. Span-Amer Lit.
A survey of contemporary topics such as national identity, gender relations, political action, and indigenous movements in Spanish-American prose, poetry, theater, and film from Modernism to the present.
SPA 337
Latin American Lit. and Culture
A study of selected topics related to literature and culture of Latin America. Content may vary. May be repeated for credit with permission of instructor.
SPA 436
Spain During Middle & Golden Age
A variety of historical documents, literary texts and artistic manifestations will be analyzed to understand a society that produced heroes, saints, rogues, pilgrims and inquisitors. Concepts such as diversity (religious, cultural, ethnic), nationalism, empire, honor, myth and deceit will be explored. Prerequisites: Spa 320 and one additional course above 320.
SPA 437
Seminar in Latin American Studies
A critical inquiry into an important sub-field in Latin American literary and cultural criticism. Prerequisite: Spa 320 and one additional 300 level literature course in Spanish above 320.
SPA 439
Clash of Cultures
A survey of texts detailing the indigenous experience during the process of cultural hybridization brought about by Spanish colonization of the Caribbean, Mesoamerica, and the Andes in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Texts and authors may include the Popul Vuh, Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, Guaman Poma de Ayala, Netzahualcoyotl, Colón, Díaz del Castillo, and the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. Prerequisite: Spa 320 and one additional 300-level literature course in Spanish above 320. Satisfies Other Cultures LADR.