In addition to being named one of the 20 most beautiful campuses in the country, Hanover is also one of the most comfortable places to be. Our current students describe it as a home away from home – big enough to always meet somebody new, small enough to see someone you know wherever you go.

With a coffee shop, gym, four dining facilities, 60 social and academic organizations, an active Greek community, 650 wooded acres ready for you to explore, events and concerts, and planned excursions like white-water rafting, your weekends will be far from boring. Add in barbecues with your professors, cheering on your favorite Panthers team (check out our 20 sports teams), or simply kicking back and catching your favorite TV show in your residence hall lounge or playing a game in the Withrow Activities Center, and you have the full package.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your friends though, right? Let’s face it, you could be at the coolest place with the best amenities, but if you’re not with people you like, then what’s the point. We’ve got that covered too!


Hanover is located right next to the beautiful, historic town of Madison – a boutique community with artisans, restaurants and specialty shops. We’re also located 90 minutes from Indianapolis, 75 minutes from Cincinnati, and 45 minutes from Louisville. Our Omnibus organizes excursions to these cities, which are largely free to attend.

Students from "Communication in Chemistry" hosted a food tasting this morning! Their assignment was to alter a recipe around one factor and through a survey, see if their desired results were achieved. Foods like cookies, marshmallows, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese were tested by other students, staff, and faculty! 🍴 #thatsthebeautyofHanover #HanoverCollege #HanoverLife
Join #Hanover2018 in renovating The Point! Gifts can be made at: https://our.hanover.edu/senior-gift 🐾 #thatsthebeautyofHanover #HanoverLife #HanoverCollege #PantherPride #WeAreHanoverCollege #ImpactHanover
Five Hanover students taking a hike in the woods

We’ve always felt that much of the real learning that takes place in college is what happens outside the classroom. It comes from meeting with your professor for coffee, to the 3 a.m. conversations you have with your friends in your residence hall, to the project you chose over May Term, or the creative ideas you have while listening to music while on a run. This learning, well, it happens on your terms. It’s unpredictable and it’s exciting.

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Wiffle ball.

To say we take wiffle ball seriously would be an understatement. During May Term students, faculty and even staff gather teams to compete in our campus-wide wiffle ball tournament hosted by Lambda Chi Alpha that raises money for Feeding America.


Dining Options

Nom Nom Nom

There are four dining options on campus: The James Graham Brown Campus Center, The Underground, Coffee Shop at Withrow, and The Shoebox. We’ve got all the great college staples of pizza (and not that frozen square high school pizza you’re used to – these pizzas even have toppings), coffee, soup and cereal; and of course, mom-style comfort food to get you through those all-nighters. Chef Dwayne Delaney is a true foodie, too. From themed special events to all-organic, farm-to-table creations, there’s a new surprise all the time.


Peace of Mind


We take campus safety very seriously. With 24/7 campus security patrol, numerous emergency phone locations, safety training provided by Resident Assistants, and an Emergency Alert System offered via a campus-wide text, phone, and e-mail, there is a strong campus consciousness around safety. We urge students to be responsible for their own safety as well by understanding our safety policies and reporting any suspicious behavior, if they ever were to see any. Learn more about Campus Safety.


College can be overwhelming, especially for first year students who are away from home for the first time and last year students who are facing major “life after college” decisions. Actually, it’s pretty common for lots of students to encounter some bumps along the road during their college career. That’s where Hanover’s Counseling Services play a role. Most appointments happen the same week.

Health & Wellness

Office visits are free for students and services are made at-cost. Learn more about Health Services.

“Adventurous doesn't begin to describe student life on campus! From sports, to intramurals, to clubs, our outdoor facilities and quad are always overflowing with students! Whether it be playing fetch with your professor's pups, throwing a frisbee in the practice field, or running around the track...”

Meg Richey '17

Financial aid

At Hanover, we don’t think anything should hold you back from going where you want to go to school, or where you want to go in life. Especially money. That’s why we offer three different types of aid packages to 98% of our students.

Learn more about financial aid.

Career Prep

Hanover's career preparation matched with a solid liberal arts approach helps our grads find immediate success. Ninety-eight percent find employment or enter grad school in the first seven months following graduation.

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