The College Tour

The College Tour

Amazon Prime Video’s streaming series “The College Tour” showcases life at Hanover College – Indiana’s most beautiful college campus. The 30-minute episode features the stories and experiences of 10 Hanover students and highlights many of the elements that make Hanover a great place to live and learn.

In “The College Tour,” Hanover shines as a place for young scholars to be themselves, be known and prepare for their futures. Hanover encourages students to explore their interests, develop their unique abilities and pursue their passions. A supportive campus community, challenging academics, top-notch athletics, robust Greek life and so much more – all on a breathtaking 650-acre campus along the Ohio River – make Hanover a great choice.

Hanover’s “cast” comprises Kara Busemeyer ‘22, Hailey Cocke ’22Katie Comer ’25Lily Beurman Compton ’21Manny Otchere-Danso ‘25Luke Eppler ‘22Pablo Gallart ‘22Hina Shono ’22Cara Stanback ’22 and Zach Stringer ‘22.

Hanover’s episode will appear as part of season six of “The College Tour” on Amazon Prime Video starting November 2022. Don’t wait to watch the full episode — click the video below.

Watch individual student stories

Magical Expression

Exploring the Bluff

A Lending Hand

Partners along the Path

Urban Roots, Rural Calling

Still in the Game

Full Circle

Balancing Act

Welcome Home

Expanded Family

About “The College Tour

Created by Alex Boylan, Lisa Hennessy and Burton Roberts, a team of successful entrepreneurs in the TV, social media and technology space, the trio is known for pursuing their passion for adventure and their love of storytelling. Each episode of “The College Tour” tells the story of what life is truly like on college campuses across the country and around the world. From academics, housing, sports, career preparation, campus life, location and much, much more.