Hanover College Mission Documents


Hanover College is a challenging and supportive community whose members take responsibility for lifelong inquiry, transformative learning and meaningful service.


As we enter our third century, Hanover College will be an institution known for its ambitious commitment to student success, academic innovation and community impact. With one foot steeped in tradition and the other stepping forward to the future, we will integrate a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences with the necessity of career readiness; the desire for human connection with the accelerated use of technology; and a transformative undergraduate experience with innovative graduate professional programs. Hanover College will be poised for its third century to be its best century.


The students, faculty, staff and trustees of Hanover College seek to promote academic, personal, and moral growth within a safe, challenging and responsive community.

To this end, each is committed to the following:

Pursuit of Academic Excellence

  • I will seek the breadth and depth of knowledge appropriate to a liberal arts education, will seek to foster intellectual vitality, and will practice academic integrity.
  • I will participate in the open and free exchange of ideas necessary for a meaningful education and a successful democracy.

Pursuit of Personal Excellence

  • I will pursue physical, moral, emotional, and spiritual well being, with respect for the Christian and liberal arts traditions of the College.
  • I will practice self-respect and self-discipline, and will seek to grow in
    maturity and independence.

Respect for One Another

  • I will work to create a safe campus community, free from unjust coercion, harassment, and other threats to persons or property.
  • I will practice honesty toward, tolerance of, and compassion for others,
    working to support the well-being of other members of the College

Community Responsibility

  • I will participate in decision-making on rules and procedures, and will encourage others to do the same.
  • I will be a good steward of the College, the environment, and the world


  • I will know and adhere to the rules of the College and to state and federal laws, accepting accountability for my own actions and encouraging others to be accountable for theirs.
  • I will practice justice, fairness and respect in my responses to violations of these commitments and of College rules by community members.

As members of the Hanover College community, we will make decisions together with those who will be most affected by them, we will seek the greatest amount of relevant input possible in our decision-making, and, to the extent possible, we will encourage decision-making on rules and procedures by those who will be most affected by them.

Educational Philosophy

Hanover College is dedicated to the personal growth of its students. We believe that a liberal education is an excellent preparation for life in a global society.

We seek to broaden and deepen our students' knowledge and understanding of themselves, of the historical and cultural movements which have shaped our society and other cultures, of the methods and discoveries of the natural sciences, and of the religious and moral dimensions of human experience.

We seek to provide our students with training and experience that will enhance their skills in communication, in creative self-expression, in critical reflection, in research, and in leadership.

The study of the liberal arts is an appropriate expression of our relationship with the Presbyterian Church (USA) and to the Christian tradition. Accordingly, we seek to encourage our students to develop values that allow them to become more mature and self-directed individuals who will be responsible participants in local and global communities and who will be able to appreciate and enjoy their own and other cultures.

Whom We Serve

Hanover College primarily serves traditional (ages 18-22), full-time, residential students seeking the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees. Admission is academically selective, nonsectarian, and both culturally and economically inclusive. The College operates on a 650-acre campus in Hanover, Indiana, with online courses available during the summer sessions. Hanover also serves a small number of commuter, part-time and dual enrollment students and, as noted in our Vision, is actively pursuing expansion into graduate professional education

Reviewed and affirmed by the Hanover College Board of Trustees on May 5, 2018.