A Place to Belong

A Place to Belong. A Person to Become.

As Hanover looks ahead to its third century, it cannot forget the past. Our work is far from done. The College must remember both its successes and its failures and use the lessons learned to meet the long-term needs of an increasingly diverse world. The 2020 Equity and Diversity Plan, titled “A Place to Belong,” contains long-standing goals, and yet has a short enough timeframe to ensure we remain engaged and focused on our continuing mission. In developing plans for improvement, the College will solicit guidance from all members of the campus community, paying attention to campus members who are most impacted by these accommodations.

This commitment aligns with our Hanover College Principles:

As members of the Hanover College community, we will make decisions in conversations with those who will be most affected by them, we will seek the greatest amount of relevant input possible to our decision-making, and to the extent possible, we will encourage decision-making on rules and procedures by those who will be most affected by them.

We set these goals to hold ourselves accountable for becoming the place we have always wanted to be: A place to belong for everyone.

Each spring, the Committee on Equity, Inclusion, & Multicultural Education shares information on our progress toward the goals in A Place to Belong. Below are progress reports on the nearly 50 specific action steps in the plan, and detailed reporting on the 2022 HEDS Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey.