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You have high hopes for your child's education and we do too. We keep safety, education and real life preparation as top priorities.

Parents: do you know who to call regarding your student's accounts in the Business Office, speak with someone from Health Services or how to get in touch with the Registrar's Office? See: Offices & Resources.

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Safety & Security

The Hanover College campus and the Hanover community have always been considered safe places to live, study and work. Rare tragic events that have occurred on other campuses are unsettling to all of us. We want you to know that safeguarding your child's and the campus community's welfare is always a priority. Please review the update below regarding our current emergency procedures and state of preparedness.

Emergency Procedures

We review our campus emergency action plan annually, and afterwards distribute these procedures to key personnel throughout the campus. This plan includes a rapid response to secure all buildings, a notification process to the campus community about the current situation via our Emergency Alert system and a list of duties for all personnel in Campus Security and Student Life. These plans were created in consultation with local and state authorities and their support will remain an important part of our management of any emergency.

Where to go for information

In an emergency, the Hanover website will be your key source for information. We will post important information on the home page when necessary to keep you updated as quickly as possible.

Additional safety tips & resources

Additional campus safety information is also available through Safety and the Parent Guide. We also provide counseling, as well as chaplain services, to all students that may feel overwhelmed or just need to talk to a professional counselor.

Events for Parents

See: Commencement, Arts.

Getting Involved

Hanover College is reliant on the talents, resources, and knowledge of its parents. Ways you can volunteer include:

Be Engaged

Attend Hanover events in your area and on campus as often as you can. Hanover has a lot going on throughout the year on campus, from theater productions, alumni events, to a host of athletic events.

Stay Current

Read @Hanover, our monthly email newsletter, and the Hanoverian Magazine. If you have a Facebook account, like the official Hanover College Facebook Page.

If you are an alumni parent, keep your information current with Hanover College by logging into our new online community. There, you can register as a new user to update your personal information. Once registered, you will be able to access the private alumni directory, affinity group discussions, etc.

For our alumni and non-alumni parents, you can access the Hanover College website at any time to stay up-to-date on all things Hanover!

Develop Careers

Parents provide valuable resources for Hanover students who are interested in experiencing the work world in their desired career field. Hanover prides itself on the network of alumni, parents and friends who are critical in helping our students find employment and internships. For more information regarding help in this area, please contact The Career Center of The Office of Experiential Learning.

Visit High Schools

Visit your high school's guidance counselor to tell them about the great things going on at Hanover College. For a packet of information, email admission@hanover.edu or call 812-866-7021 or 1-800-213-2178.

Admission Referrals

Refer a prospective student you know will do well at Hanover.

Legacy Students

Children, grandchildren and siblings of alumni may qualify for up to $2,000 in Legacy Scholarships per year. To let us know about your legacy child of any age, please visit: Refer a Student.

Show your Pride

Show Hanover spirit everywhere you go by wearing Hanover College gear such as hats and shirts. Decorate your work and home environments with campus wooden replicas and throws and if you live in the State of Indiana, by purchasing a Hanover College License Plate through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Be Loyal

As a parent you can make a statement about loyalty just as a large percentage of our alumni do each year by giving to the Impact Fund. Giving demonstrates confidence in Hanover, no matter what size the gift.

Hanover College Parents' Guide

Links to various sections of Hanover’s website and additional resources have been compiled on this page to provide a convenient resource guide for parents.

We hope you find the information links below to be informative and useful. If you have a question or concern that is not addressed here, or have a suggestion regarding additions to this guide, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Life.

Academic Resources

Emergency Alert

Hanover Resources

Offices and Services

FAQ for Parents

Q: Who can I contact if I have a question or concern, but don't know who to call?

A: Katy Lowe Schneider, is available as a resource to help answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate person to address the issue. She can be reached at lowe@hanover.edu or by phone at 812-866-6840.

Q: Who should I call on campus if I have an after-hours emergency and I need to reach my child on campus?

A: You may contact Campus Safety after-hours, seven days a week at 812-866-7999 if you have an emergency.

Q: Where do I find housing, dining, computer and health services information?
A: See MyHanover (requires login).

Q: Is there an organization for Hanover parents?

A: The Hanover College Parents’ Association is comprised of parents of Hanover College students. You are considered a member simply by having a student attending the college in good standing. The Parents' Board is the executive body of the Hanover Parents' Association. This appointed group provides leadership in volunteer, social, advisory and fundraising events/programs.

"Hanover has been an outstanding place for our daughter, and she has grown in so many ways. She came to Hanover as an introverted 18-year-old, quite timid and unsure of herself. Just two years later, we are amazed at the changes we’re seeing. She has loved her classes and professors (majoring in English—and on the Dean’s list every semester, I’m happy to say), and she thoroughly enjoys her extracurricular activities, as well. She often brings international students home for holidays, which has been so fun for us. We couldn’t be more thankful for all that your institution has done for her, and we look forward to watching her grow over the next two years."

Hanover Parent

"As a parent of a senior at Hanover, I can honestly say, without hesitation, that Hanover has been the best choice she could have made. I worked for a large university where part of my benefits was free tuition for my girls, but we felt after visiting Hanover, free tuition or not, that Hanover is where she needed and wanted to be. I would highly recommend any parent whose students are thinking about Hanover to take a look at the campus, explore everything it has to offer for your son or daughter. It will be well worth your time and effort."

Parent Advisory Board member

What piece of advice would you share with a current student?

Pete Corrao
I would say this – Get to know your professors and engage them with any difficulties you may be having with a class. Also – socially – be discreet and remember to do all things in moderation.

Becky Schultz
As the parent of a senior, I would advise all students to pay attention to their health. Keeping healthy – by eating properly, getting enough sleep, and exercising to reduce stress – is essential as students seek to balance the demands of their studies, extracurricular activities, and social engagements.

Dwayne Engram
I would have to say that the student should pace themselves. In doing this it allows for time to do many things, but put this short term experience in being at Hanover at the top of their list. Utilize the resources there. Take in all that it offers and expand themselves in all possible capacities. Always seek the advice from those who have gone this way before, as it may lessen the strain of their journey, and unlock that which may seem to be formidable. Foremost learning is perpetual, and most of all sharing what one learns, through innovation, creativity, and necessity is a great rewarding gift that one can give of themselves to others and to society.

I would further like to say that on this journey, one will make mistakes, learning to forgive self and others is paramount. Getting things behind you opens new doors of opportunity and challenge. Accept that which is before you and use all that you have in your repertoire of beats and resources to move you up and beyond.

Coy Lightfoot
Be present and get involved. If you invest in the people at Hanover your return will be great!

Vavica Abernathy
I would tell every student to plan each and every day. Work their plan. Ask questions, seek help proactively and take time for self-reflection.

Dayle Lightfoot
Be wise with your time and devote yourself to school.

Jamie Wehmeyer
When friends at larger schools complain because you live on campus in a dorm (or Greek unit) rather than an apartment off campus, a possible reply is:

At Hanover, the focus for students is to be students. We attend classes, study, participate in extra-curricular activities on campus or in the community and apply what we’re learning to experiences outside classroom environments. We’ll have the rest of our lives to be grown-ups, and all that applies to that part of life. For now, our “job” is to be students. Living on campus allows us more time to focus on our education.

Faculty at Hanover are here because they want to help students learn and grow in knowledge of a particular field. They care about students, and are willing to help students understand concepts outside of class. If you’re struggling in a class, approach the professor and ask to meet them outside of class for extra help. Faculty at Hanover are permitted and encouraged to grow in their knowledge of their particular field.

Keith Wehmeyer
Early-on in their Hanover experience I would encourage them to make the most of their Hanover experience. To me that means seeking out help from their teachers with their academics (which I think is a real asset at Hanover with its strong focus on personal relationships with your teachers), participating in some athletic endeavor (even if just an intramural sport), and trying something in the arts. I think one of Hanover's strengths is the ability to build this "3-legged stool" around academics, athletics and arts to give you some balance.

Nearing the end of their Hanover experience, I would encourage them to reach out and network with alumni. Hanover is a unique experience, and those that attend have a special bond regardless if they were there at the same time or not. Recent graduates can provide help in transitioning to the working world or advanced degrees. Older graduates can provide mentoring or coaching in career development, and they might enjoy hearing how the college has changed since the days they attended. But regardless of the age gap the common bond of Hanover can serve as a bridge to building useful relationships for the future.